Week #9 — Part #2 (Fake News)

Where do fake news stories come from?

Okay so I went to Breitbart.com and found this story:

I then googled this headline to see if this was true (the 52% Approval rating of President Trump) and this is what I found:

Clearly this headline of a 52% job approval rating story on Breitbart is untrue as you can see on these top google searches that I snipped here! The two articles that mention the 52% in their headlines (shown above), took me to weird websites like this:

And this:

This story falls under #10 and #11 for the On the Media Guidelines and I couldn’t find it on the NYTimes, Washington Post, NPR and Propublica websites! I wasn’t able to fact check this story on Breitbart on these following websites that we were recommended so it is a fake news story.

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