a story for us

Our breath mingled

together, wisping around us, surrounding

us with the soul of our words.

Words that made us excited

for this thing we were creating

together. You and I had a world

living inside of us, human beings bubbled

out of it, living and breathing.

We imagined a great Aztec temple,

greenery all around, the grainy sound

of gravel as an explorer traipsed

through the ancient hallways. We dreamed

as we sat in my cramped

bedroom, our knees touching

as we attempted to sit at my tiny desk.

After that day, I remember

sitting on the bus, dreaming of adventures

we would write, about the brown girl

who would save the world. And of her brother

who was so much like me. We dared imagine

a story for us. For our brown skin and our

kaleidoscope hearts.

And even though, after junior

year, our lives were like a cloudy haze

over that world, still they would waltz

into my thoughts, wandering in and out

sometimes. The brown girl and her brother

who was so much like me, who would save

the world. Taking shelter in my mind, sheltering

me from everything that hurt.

I want to ask you, Selena, do you ever feel

like that brown girl and her brother

saved your world?