Bombardier Learjet 60XR: Where Performance Meets Luxury

Learjets, Bombardier’s most successful midsize jet aircraft series, were first introduced in 1963. Learjets are characterized by their wraparound windshield, pointy nose, stout landing gear, and T-tail, and are one of the popular choices for individuals opting for private jet charter flights. Let us take a closer look at the latest Learjet-60XR, the sensational private aircraft charter from Bombardier.


The Learjet 60XR is the first aircraft in its series, to incorporate twin Pratt & Whitney PW305A turbofan engines, each capable of delivering 4,600 lbs of thrust. In addition, the aircraft is also the first production model to be fitted with Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 integrative avionics system. The avionics system has a high-resolution primary flight display screens with full-width attitude representation.


Given the powerful twin assembly of Pratt & whitney engines, the 60XR delivers superlative performance. The model can achieve more than 6,000 feet per minute of climb speed and has a flight ceiling of 51,000 feet. Not only can the aircraft clock Mach 0.81 speed, but also requires 
lesser rotation speed of 127 knots and 134 knots of engine-out climb speed to reach its balanced field requirement of 3,600 feet. The Learjet 60XR can reach the maximum cruising altitude of 41,000 feet with max. takeoff weight in just 18 minutes.


Bombardier has completely redesigning the cabin of the Learjet 60XR, which now has the specifications as 17.7 feet length, 5.7 feet height, and 5.9 feet width, sufficient for seating six passengers. The revamped cabin has two forward facing seats and four-seat club arrangement. In addition, the aircraft has a fully functional galley, baggage area of 59 cubic feet, LED lighting, a lavatory with a window to provide natural light, and five different floorplans options.

X Factor

Bombardier has introduced an advanced design of drag-reducing winglets for the Learjet 60XR that improve the yawing rate and radius of turn of the aircraft. In addition, a 43-inch fuselage has been added to the aircraft to increase the cabin volume by 11 percent from bombardier’s 55 series. To top it all, the Learjet 60XR features an electrically-heated windshield and digital steer-by-wire nose wheel, which are the distinctive features of this premium private jet aircraft.

Wrapping Up

The latest addition to the Learjet series from Bombardier, the 60XR has established itself as a powerful charter place in the aviation industry. Regarded as the best offering of the legendary Learjet series, the 60XR incorporates several refined features of its predecessors including Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 flat glass avionics suite, and a wraparound windshield. Whether you have to charter a private plane or purchase one, you can always trust the Learjet 60XR to get the job done, while ensuring comfort and high performance!

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