Top 4 Super Midsize Cabin Jets to Charter for Your Family Vacation

Private jet charter flights are arguably the best way to travel. Flying private, not only saves you from the hassle of boarding a commercial flight but also treats you with luxurious amenities, such as private lounges and flight attendants. Though there’s no dearth of private jets, no two planes are same. Each private jet has its own USP. Some are fast, while others are spacious. The choice for the private jet to rent depends on your preference that also influences your and charter quote. If for instance, you are going on a family vacation to an exotic island, you may want to book a charter plane with enough cabin space and luxury. To help, the blog post lists four super-midsize cabin jets that you may consider to charter.

1. Dassault Falcon 50EX

The Dassault Falcon 50EX is the perfect successor to the iconic Dassault Falcon 50. It is fitted with advanced technology, which helps it cruise fast at high altitudes, fly long distance, and burn less fuel. The private jet can accommodate nine passengers and features foldable tables, power plugs, oven, ice chest, and coffee maker for a smooth trip. Add to that its excellent temperature control system that assures you of a pleasant flight. The Falcon 50EX is powered by three Honeywell TFE731–40 turbofan engines that give more thrust at cruise speeds and burn less fuel. The jet can climb to an altitude of 37,000 feet in about 17 minutes at a cruise speed of .72 Mach.

2. Cessna Citation X

Cessna Citation X is among the fastest and most comfortable midsize business jets on the market. The private jet regularly cruises at .90 Mach, which is possible because of its exceptional aerodynamic structure and computational fluid dynamics computer technology. In addition to being one of the fastest jets, Citation X is also one of the most fuel-efficient midsize cabin jets on the market. The jet is propelled by Rolls-Royce high-bypass AE3007C1 turbofan engine that delivers 8,600 pounds of thrust. Citation X engine is among the jets with highest thrust-to-weight ratio and lowest specific fuel consumption in its class. Owing to the great advances the jet made in the aviation and aerospace technology, it was awarded the prestigious Collier Trophy in its début year.

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3. Bombardier Challenger 300

The Challenger 300 by Bombardier is known for its spacious cabin and extraordinary performance. The jet can easily accommodate eight or nine passengers in its double-club configuration and can fly them 3,100 nautical miles non-stop at .80 Mach, which is among the best in its class. Propelled by two Honeywell HTF 7000 turbofan engines, the Challenger 300 is can rise to a cruise altitude of 37,000 feet in about 14 minutes. When required, the jet can even cruise at the flight ceiling of 45,000 feet, especially to diverge bad weather and air traffic. The jet is also known to have low direct operating costs that in turn lowers its rental price.

4. Gulfstream G-200

The Gulfstream G-200 features everything you want in a private jet: excellent range, large cabin size, and fast speed. The jet can accommodate anywhere between eight to nineteen passengers depending on its configuration. It is an ideal aircraft for covering long distance rapidly and comfortably. The aircraft features an excellent temperature control system that provides fresh air throughout, ensuring a comfortable journey. Powered by Two Pratt & Whitney PW306A engines, both of which generate 6,040 pounds of thrust helping the jet to climb directly to an altitude of 37,000 feet in roughly 19 minutes and cruise at .64 Mach. The jet is an aerodynamic marvel made of aluminum alloys, titanium, and steel resulting in better fuel economy.

The Bottom Line

Choosing any of these private jets for a family vacation can result in a comfortable and pleasant travel experience. To book any of these private jet charters, make sure you get in touch with a reputable private jet charter company. There are several private aviation companies like Horizon Air Group providing all the necessary professional support to seal the deal, including charter quote and fixed flying time. Instantly get a charter quote on the private jet of your choice and fly to an exotic holiday with your family and friends.