Everything is an experience

I thought I was going to Australia, but after I discovered that I went to Australia and China, Japan, Ethiopia, Peru, Czech Republic, Portugal, Switzerland, Russia, Argentina, Indonesia, Thailand, Omã, Colombia, Turkic — everything on the same trip.

All these people and their stories crossed my path and teach me new ways to say hello and goodbye. Which means respect for some and culture for others. How education, work, and relationships can be totally different. Also, that smiles and friendship are so universal language.

It was a crazy thing arrive at Kingsford and UNSW dominated by Asian people and for the first time experience be the minority. We suppose that we know, but we don’t know how it is until we discovered that we were the different ones.

Australia could be a British Colony, but Australia is so Asiatic too. And in the end, for us from the west, and so influenced by North America, be in contact with east aspects could be interesting.

Sydney is much more cosmopolitan than I was expecting, walking on the streets means heard more languages than just English every day. It is possible to find food from everywhere and see products from places that you never heard about before.

Gold Coast, Perth, Brisbane could be more what we expect about an Australian tanned, blond and athletic. However, in days like these when the world fight against discrimination and breakups living in a melting pot of nations, make us remember that the world is bigger than our bellybutton and that empathy is the word of the future.

In any place, you can find good people and not so much because the truth does not matter the stamps in your passport, the real thing is what you have inside of your heart.

Go far away means at the same time look for inside. You need to learn how to translate which means and how it works our culture and our flavors, Carnival, favela and festa junina. They will ask you if is it safe or not? Teach people that we speak Portuguese and not Spanish. That the famous music is Samba, not Salsa — even that all the times I need to explain that I am Brazilian, but I am a terrible dancer.

“Saudade” always will be the word without the right paraphrasing, but everyone knows what homesick means.

We figure out that we were travelling, but at the same time we know few things about our own country, and we will be surprised when your foreign friend say that know places of your country that we don’t.

Cliches are cliches just because they’re a truth. We already know, but is good to remember that the world is big and we are so small. And the best of the life is the journey and not how the things end :)

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