Do you work at the computer? Then read this please.

You have to exercise your body.

There’s no other way. The body was made to move, thats why we have muscles, joints, ligaments, otherwise we would be a plain body. We can junp, stretch, walk, run, roll, our body is amazing and we need to make it do the marvelous things that it is designed to.

Our body gets used to everything that it is thrown into. So if you keep sitting for a long time, it will want to be sitting. It is comfortable, it knows that it has no dangerous things to deal with. No energy to spend. So it makes even hard to go through the opposite direction into moving, the body will tell you that it is not what is used to. And that’s the point. You have to tell your body that it is used to move and exercise but you forgot about how important is it and that you won’t make it suffer again. You will make you body move and be gentle to it so you both (soul and body) can live in harmony.

So what about all that exercises that are advertised on the internet? Cross-fit, functional training, weight training, sports, what should I do?

Well, the short answer is: do what you can feel good doing.

If you are sedentary then probably everything will make you feel lazy to do. But think if you had no pain, infinite time to do something, what would you do? That should be a clue.

Is there any sport that you like since your childhood? Then you should be doing it.

In a short time you will start getting the amazing results. An increased amount of energy, focus and happiness. Remember that this impacts all your relatives as well. Move.

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