Happiness is up to you

Don´t rely on external changes, you are the only one that can make yourself happy.

accept it

Life is always changing, no matter what we try to do, what we make, it will change and is hard because it affects our confort zone, new things are scary for us, the mind doesn´t know what to do when things aren´t the same they were this is followed by sadness, depression and fear.

Think about it

Imagine that you´ve to change your home, move to another city where they speak other language and is only because the job is asking to do it. Would you feel happy with the different environment? maybe with time the fear will go, but in the meantime you´re going to live a tough work you would have to adapt.

That can happen also when a family member die, your mind would start to resist to that change, this can´t be happening!!! your mind would think and then come sadness

solve it

There are two types of changes, external and internal, external are the ones that you don´t have direct control of them and internal are the ones you have direct control of them. When external changes don´t affect you then no matter how tough is the storm you´ll be happy. Controlling external is impossible, but you can control internal, your emotions. The way to do it is meditation that with time can become in controlling and letting be emotions. Do not stress and meditate.


To meditate you can start with something easy like focusing on your breathing or sitting on a confortable place and just stay there without moving, without controlling what you think, just stay. Also you can try mindfulness.

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