Life will find a way…

Life is always full of surprises.

Friday in the morning, I woke up with my dad staring at me, an unplanned trip to another city is going to happen I need to be ready. After one hour we were not ready and it was late 20min late.

We arrived to my grandpa’s house and started our way to Puebla, a city of Mexico. It was cloudy we arrived very late, we ate very late, then the water drops came falling from that grey sky, a hotel search started, my dad running from one place to another, I followed…

And then in that corner I slipped directly to the solid ground hearing the dry blow on my elbow, a couple is asking if I am ok and I say yes many times and then started walking, return to my car and as soon as I sat a terrible pain in the knee that was the end of my mini vacations I thought and it was true we couldn´t do what was planned because we needed to walk and my knee was transforming to a soccer ball.

The weekend continue and we returned to home the next day, I was sad the city and villages were so beautiful and I couldn´t enjoy all I wanted because I can´t walk. Of course I stayed in bed all time since we returned (I´m still in bed) but you know when I couldn´t enjoy the trip I felt in the shoes of people who is never walking again, I felt stressed and sad.

“Living systems are never in equilibrium. They are inherently unstable. They may seem stable, but they’re not. Everything is moving and changing. In a sense, everything is on the edge of collapse.” 
Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park

In that moment I remembered Ian Malcom from Jurassic Park, I know he is a fictional character, but I like what he says and the main topic of his job is The Chaos Theory this theory explains that a complex system like climate, for example, can´t never be measured to know how is it going to behave a little change can make a different climate from what the news predicted.

What interested me from this is that all systems can be a complex system so my accident was a complex system, unpredictable, but I know that something would happen, we got out of the house late, remember? the most little change can change everything.

This is how life works, it is unpredictable no matter how hard you try and how planned you are for anything on life, always life can return and kick you to make you return.

We need to learn, you and I, that you can´t be angry with life, we have to let it flow make a smooth path to return to our original goals, I can´t make exercise at this time and I need to, but I´ll wait and be happy because you can always took that body out of the bed and start returning to the long journey were you where before that change occur, I like to think that if it exist other dimensions, then in other places what happened to me didn´t happened and in certain way I did it, but now I must accomplished it (with a little delay) because nothing is forever and that applies for everything.

When you are struggling and when a major change occurred, just relax, breathe, and start forming a plan to continue to do what you want, nothing can stop you from being what you are there are always mistakes, delays and cancellations, but there have to be always hope, hope in you, hope in what you believe, just accept the randomness of life, life isn´t going to care about you, instead life is going to make changes that can destroy you emotionally and fiscally, but it never can destroy the essence of you, fight you are a warrior, and when you recognises that, your whole path would have a solution to be there, where you want to be.

My knee could be something bigger, but it is only inflammation at far as we know, because it didn´t hurt, but it need to rest before I start to move, you only have to do three things to return to your path:


some changes are tough, the first thing you need to do is sleep, maybe stay at home for some days, cancel what you can, or even meditate, don´t think about the future or the past don´t be nothing, have time with your family or friends and when you feel you are ready move to the next step.


Now that you´re relaxed and fresh start a slow returning to your normal activities, don´t make it fast and forgot analyze what happened, why it happened, do what is necessary, liberate yourself of the change that occured, feel whatever you need to feel and if the change is in its major point, WAIT.


You´re ready to return, maybe this steps took a long time, but you´re now here and all you have to do is think, what you would do?, how would you return to your path? and most importantly, is something missing to my path? and then if you truly want it, the path would return to you.

With this steps that I personally trying to follow the change would be cause less damage that it would caused. Humans are programmed to stay in the confort zone, and more with this new society that is always looking for being comfortable, but none can´t never stay in their confort zones without changes, that´s the meaning about life! follow your path, but never return to who you were, be a new person, renewed version of you, completely actualized to make things better and to not make the same mistakes, there can be changes we couldn´t control, but also it is true there are some changes we could avoid if we were more careful.

Never lose hope we can fell alone and with big wounds that can stay for your entire life, but when we loose hope a little change can destroy you and never let you return safe to a happy life, you can be happy start feeling changes like if they were bees flying, someday one bee can hurt you, but you aren´t destroying your life because of bees, with changes is the same, do not let changes to destroy your life, because unless you die, you always can fight

And remember that:

“Life will find a way.” 
Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park

And you decide if either you want to be in the solution or you will be outside the solution.