The education system is wrong

I´m in 8th grade and all the things they had shown me are useless

Schools were created in the industrial revolution because companies need workers that operate a machine without problem, because of that the education passed from family problem to state problem.

YES they created schools to prepare a massive group of soldiers to work, because that´s what we are, the teach us to stay in line, follow orders, don´t sleep and don´t think different.

Only in elementary school we spend more than 900 hours per year and 11 per day. And all that time is worth? NO, school around the globe needs big improvements we need to change that way of teaching society. They have to prepare us for life not for working, money isn´t all in life and with school the show us that we have to work in order to succeed and have money to ve happy.

My school has more than 18 subjects because they make a “separation” of each subject, for example, english is managed by 3 teachers each one of them showing a different “perspective” well let me say that the different “perspective” is repetitive “perspective” because we learn the same things and because the number of teachers we work more.

Some of my subjects that are supposed to be taught in all my country´s schools is: spanish, math, english, science, arts…

And you know which one of them are going to help me in life?!?!?! I´ll answer to you, with elementary´s math was enough, science I like it, but I don´t think my future would be teaching the periodic table, arts is important to draw, but not knowing the history of art, spanish… i know how to write and talk spanish the same for english the classes are repetitive.

Now what they really should teach is how to be happy in life, survive emotional and economic crisis, how to be creative, how to admin your life stuff that really matters.

The last thing that we need to change urgently are the exams, they really don´t work. The students don´t learn for whole life they learn for exams, and this is true. Every end of bimester we need to study and memorize the answers from the guide the teacher provide, then we come to school finish the exam and never use the stuff from the exam.

show how to learn not how to pass the exam

The exams are the same for all and don´t reflect if we really learn what we are supposed to know. And it can be demonstrated if we ask one question from the exam one week after the exam maybe they´ll remember anything because the exam finished a week before and they are already making the path for the new one with new questions, but the same for all.

This can change if we stop making exams and start truly saving in the student´s brain what is needed.

To finish I´ll talk with a objective view and solutions, the system needs a big change eliminating all the bullsh*** that had inside, first with the subjects they want students to learn, then with the exams that doesn´t work to grade how the learning is going, also stop making kids and teenagers wake up at 4:00 a.m to start classes (it is a probe making that is bad for students) and finally stop grading kids, they make´em do a race of who is getting an A.

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