wake up and continue

you´re sad? people around you start thinking what had happened to you? a family member or friend died?

you aren´t the only one and it´s important to follow the next steps so you can wake up and start living the life you left when that thing happened, and remember you can change what you feel and think because you´re the creator them.

accept the fact.

You can save yourself from any bad situation, but the first step is accepting that something is wrong, maybe you can´t see what is wrong so you need to look deeper and think the next questions: I stopped doing what I liked? people say something is wrong with me? what are my 5 last happy moments?

search for help

People can be poisonous, but not the entire world!! go out and ask for help, talk to your family about your problem, leave the pressure your brain is saving, share the bad moment with somebody and you´ll see it will help, or visit a doctor if needed, or a therapy, you just need to enter to google!

Don´t worry that wont happen to you

Don´t search happiness be happy

Happiness is not something that is decided by the forces of destiny, no, you decide whether you are happy or not and anyone and anything can change that so start living and stop depressing yourself because something changed. i talk more about happiness in this post:

you are special

This is very important, start creating the idea that you are incredible no matter what happen, you can die tomorrow and the only thing you did was being depressed, and all your skills and your mind are gone forever.


It´s a true, problems can´t be solved in one day nor in one week, but as soon as you start to change the way you see the world, the problems would be little and easy, your sadness would be less, and your face would have a big smile in it.


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