What´s going wrong with Youtube

Youtube is killing it´s own audience, and I tell you what are the problems

Youtube is managed by algorithm because it saves money instead of recruiting workers, they have algorithms for everything, one of that algorithms are for ads, 2 months ago Youtube made a mistake and terrorism videos were with ads this made some companies to get out of Youtube. This didn´t present a big problem, but they got scared and made new rules.

They actualize this algorithm that manage how videos are monetised, they have a list of colors, in the top are the “family friendly” content like this:

then there are the make up content, then there is comedy and gameplays, the problem is that this failed causing comedy and gameplays section to be in the black list where they aren´t supposed to be, so channels like Pewdiepie passed from having more than six number digit to having 20 to 50 dollars per video,

This “Youtubers” that work for Youtube and live with what Youtube gave them, now have to manage 20 dollars to eat and pay rent, internet, water and lightning. This is unfair they put their effort to make people laugh and have fun watching games and because a bad algorithm now they have to options continue waiting or search for other thing to live.

Youtube don´t respond what is demanded and I know people think they do not have a real job, but making videos on Youtube is like working on TV, they need help, this is unfair, Youtube has to stop ignoring what makes Youtube be live, PEOPLE and its YOUTUBERS.

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