Serpentine — May 24, 2015

Summary: Dogpatch is a neighborhood in transition and Serpentine is like a little microcosm of that change — a little bit industrial, a little bit cold, but also sleek, vibrant and somewhat hip. The food was solid, but nothing really stood out as outstanding. The acoustics are pretty awful and when we were there the music was far too loud, so don’t expect to have any intimate conversation here.

Food: B
Service: A
Vibe: B- (loud)
Menu: A-
Standouts: Try the Whiskey Espress!

We waited: 0 min (reservation)


This weekend we’re suffering through another bridge closure here in the Bay Area. That means I try to stay the hell out of my car and take public transit. A happy side effect of this inconvenience is that I started my meal with a cocktail! The Whiskey Espress is a coffee infused whiskey cocktail served up. It’s a beautiful looking drink that tastes pretty damn good too. I’d say it’s better than the coffee infused cocktail I had at AQ a few weeks back. The coffee beans floating in crema were a nice touch.

I chose the King Salmon Benedict as my main. The portion size was significant, so no threat of walking out of here hungry.

King Salmon Benedict

I’m a big fan of crispy potatoes and was happy to see them served up with this dish. These were pretty good, but no threat to my top 3 crispy potato providers — Boot & Shoe, Plow and Verbena respectively.

Eggs and hollandaise were pretty good, though nothing special. A nice green salad rounded out the dish. Plating was nice.

I was pretty excited about the salmon, but unfortunately it wasn’t super fresh. The eggs were served atop a “biscuit” that had a taste and consistency more like that of a boring dinner roll. Disappointing.

Service as fast and friendly, so no complaints there. Nice folks.

Overall Grade: B-


Having not heard much about Serpentine, I did not know what to expect going in, but was very pleased with their excellent food. I ordered the red flannel hash with beef brisket, beets, and poached eggs. I have had a few brisket hashes in the past (my favorite being at Boot and Shoe) so I had pretty high expectations. When the food arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the big serving that was given. Unlike some other restaurants’ dishes, there was a generous amount of brisket on the plate. The flavor of the meat was very good, and it was tender and melted in your mouth. The crispy potatoes that came with the dish were delicious and actually crispy! Although I am not a huge fan of beets, I still really enjoyed the dish and would most definitely order it again.

Overall Grade: A-

The Brunch List @ 17 **

Serpentine lands a middling spot at number 10.

  1. Nopa
  2. Boot & Shoe Service (Oakland)
  3. Mission Beach Cafe
  4. Foreign Cinema
  5. Plow
  6. Brown Sugar Kitchen (Oakland)
  7. Central Kitchen
  8. AQ
  9. Starbelly
  10. Serpentine
  11. Zazie
  12. Kitchen Story
  13. Causwells
  14. Boxing Room
  15. Cooperage (Lafayette)
  16. Chop Bar (Oakland)
  17. Gather (Berkeley)

** Verbena is now Reverb and has been removed from the list.

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