All experts once start as beginners, slowly taking steps into expertise. I have been wanting to learn Marketing for the past three years. The reason was that I wanted to self-publish my fiction novels(a childhood dream) and traditional marketing was way too off the road for me.

Hence I started out being a content writer and slowly starting to know how the whole online business works. And before I knew I was on the road to entrepreneurship.

So, we all have got stories to tell!

What is yours?

No matter what kind of business you are going to be in…

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Today, I’m going to write something personal and I urge each one of you reading this to create another copy like this.

Very recently I registered myself for a digital marketing internship and the first session was on building a success mindset. My digital mentor Deepak Kanakaraju is a person who is very genuine, trustworthy and different from all the marketers out there.

He spoke at lengths trying to build a mindset in his interns. I didn’t approve of it at first.

I needed action plans, I needed strategies, and this person, taking more than his 2 hours is actually…

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There was a time when I wrote only for passion. I loved writing seamlessly into the stories that tingled my creativity and really made me feel the emotions. I am originally a fiction writer and as a kid, I remember immersed in a novel.

I even wrote a few manuscripts. It was 60,000 words long and it was beautiful, naive, and right now accumulating dust in one of my drawers.

Any writer would agree with me that we all once dreamt of weaving stories that would become bestsellers.

We all have researched the topics f traditional publishing and self-publishing modes…

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When the pandemic arrived, with a view of uncertainty. It took me back to ages where the big plague swallowed the generations alive. I have always believed myself to be the lucky one as I am born in an era where medical sciences have evolved and there is no such thing as dying of a disease.

I was wrong.

We all were.

Until a man-made, lab-made virus slowly crept into our lives. I was first skeptical of it turning out to be this big. But as the days passed and the death rates increased. …

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This is a million-dollar question especially at dire times when people are losing jobs all over the world and has their income being generated from the big bosses. What a rough phase-COVID-19! BUT this is helping create a new stream of earning income from the comfort of your homes and generally work-from-home and be their own boss.

Are you one of them?

Do you want to open a blog of your own, work on your own terms, keep learning, be successful? But all the information on the web seems overwhelming. …

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Disclaimer: I’m not someone who is super successful and lives in a million-dollar house! But I have something in store for you. Because the success I’m talking is not about riches, it is about the process that you make every single day, week, and year that leads to progress. This inching forward is what keeps you apart from the majority of the people.

If you think you are not good enough at anything and this feeling is pulling you down!

Then, let me correct you. …

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I am a story-teller.

I weave stories, of the northern skies and the midnight sun. They make me feel alive. Storytelling helps me to live intensely. I take time to feel, of everything around me, be it the wonders of the sunset that promises me the shades of crimson red or the hard texture of the wooden table on which I write every day!

I brave to feel the hot sun and the mighty rains that pelt my windows all night long. …

Hi Brij,


It’s weird to think that I actually started to write for you. Do you remember the horror story that I half-written for you? It is because we never got the horror storybooks and I decided to write myself one for you.

I know you are still waiting to know what happened next! The time hasn’t yet come.

But today on your birthday, let me first congratulate you for turning 25, quarter-century. You have turned into a wonderful human, more than what I expected you to be. Of the 28 years that I have lived, I have come to…

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Each one of us here wants to succeed in life, in the fields we choose or in the relationships we commit to. But it’s not every day that we can actually stay true to the words and actions. I have been in this phase a million times before. The difference is back then when I was a teenager, I had the time capsule in my hand. I could do anything and I chose to while away hours together watching Kdrama or talking over to a friend. But now, in my late twenties, I don’t want to waste time.

It is…

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I hate to say this, but when I opened my Medium Publication and I saw no new claps or followers. My heart sank. But “Consistent” was still a newborn baby and I had invested about five consecutive days into it. Well, the human mind is so agile and vulnerable, wanting things to happen overnight. I accept that flaw but I also tremendously believe in a chain reaction.

A reaction of life that is valid through all generations irrespective of the timeline.

This is a concept where everything I do will have a recurring scenario as an after-effect. Scientists have proved…

Brunda Sunil

Senior Content Writer and content strategist. I help small businesses and bloggers to rank on google’s first page- Content Marketing Strategy & SEO.

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