Answers to Common Questions Related To Bail Bonds

Freeing someone who has been caught for breaking the law requires knowledge about the law and a reputed bail bond agent. Since the suspect is not guilty in terms of the law until proven, he or she can be freed from jail with little efforts from his or her dear ones and a licensed bail bonds agency.

However, there are certain questions about the bail bonds and its process with regards to the laws of the US. In this post, we cover the common questions related to bail bonds.

Question 1) What Is The Cost Of A Bail Bond?
The bail bond agencies that function in different state are under a certain department. For instance, a company working in Nassau County, Long Island is regulated by Long Island department of Insurance. In Nassau County, every bail agency charges 10% of the total bail amount.

So, let’s say the bail is set at $20,000, you will be charged 10% of the amount and would pay the company only $2,000 initially to put up a $20,000 bail bond

Question 2) What Are The Types Of Bail Bonds That Can Be Availed?
There are three main types of bail bonds that can help in a suspect’s release, these are:

The signer fills the entire bail amount in the court on behalf of the offender. Court holds the bail amount until the defendant attends every court proceeding and to complete the case. Once the proceedings are finished the bail amount is returned to the signer.

Here the bail bond company has a contract with an insurance company to pay the bail amount. Hence, the offender or their ones do need to pay any amount as the suspect is in contract with an insurance company for the total bail amount.

If the suspect holds any property that values equal to or more than the total bail amount, then he or she can use it in court for bail. The papers are returned on completion of the case.

Question 3) Who Is A Signer?
Defaulters generally require help from their friend or family to set them free from the jail. The friend has to sign for the defendant and accept responsibilities for the offender that he or she will satisfy all the court requirements. In such a situation the friend becomes the signer.

However, there are instances where bail bonds agency accepts the defendant to be their own signer. Though, these instances are very rare, as majority of the times defendant usually call their friends who in turn get in touch with the bail bonds company and become the indemnitor.

Bottom Line
If you were also looking for answers to these basic questions related to bail bonds, then here are your answers. Look for the right bail bond agency in Nassau County to get your friend out from jail.

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