The Importance of Afterschool Programs

Society wants children to expertise in almost everything. Hence, textbooks are not enough for the overall development of your child. While you might not have the time to guide a child for every skill, a good after school program can widen your child’s area of interests. Let’s have a look at the increasing needs of after school programs.

Relieves Stress
When both parents work, children might feel neglected. Moreover, there is nobody to help them with homework. It has also been seen that when parents feel overworked at their job, they often express their frustration at their children. In such circumstances, an after school program provides the best solution. It not only takes care of your child, but also offers you with peace of mind as you feel you’re your child is in a safe and supervised after school. You don’t have to worry about your child’s home assignments as these programs also provide homework help services.

Helps in Social Development of Child
With various activities like story telling sessions, outdoor and indoor games and other means of recreation, an after school program helps in the social development of your child. Children get to meet other kids of same age and similar interests. This helps your child to make new friends. A child also gets the chance to perform on stage or play a match which helps in the overall personality development of your child. As an After school programs keeps your kids busy, the chances of getting addicted to drugs and alcohol is comparatively less. Such children are usually less prone to abuse, depression and burnout too.

Helps to Make your Child Independent
As the kids are given responsibilities to make their bed, water the plants, setting a table or feeding the pet, kids learn to take care of themselves and become independent after going to afterschool program. Joining an afterschool program shows significant improvement in your child’s studies. It increases your child’s attendance and reduces drop-out rates too. With trained staff and conversational games, these programs increase children’s vocabulary. By using visual, auditory and kinesthetic modes of learning, children are taught life skill programs.

Searching a Good Afterschool Program
Find an After School center which is near your house or office so that you could visit your child at times. There are various After School Programs Queens in NY. You could either find them online or rely on directories.

Bottom Line
Select After School Programs Queens in NY which has trained Staff, regular counselling sessions, age-specific curriculum along with good food and extra-curricular activities.

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