Understanding Bail Bond Services in New York City

Getting the right Bail Bond Services in New York City is of great benefit when you want to ensure that you or a loved one escapes incarceration in the period following the initial arraignment. It is very helpful at this stage to have the right knowledge on the workings of bail bonds and what options are available in the market.

What Is A Bail Bond?

A bail bond is a form of insurance policy which has the function of insuring the appearance of the defendant in court for the duration of the court processes until the final disposition of the case. This bond is submitted to the court which jurisdiction over the case by the bail bondman of your choice.

The bail bond is an alternative to cash bail, although the two options are usually made available in most cases. The reason why most people opt for the bail bond option is that it gives unmatched convenience, affordability and is easily accessible under a variety of arrangements. Unlike in the case of a bail bond, a cash bail option requires the payment to be made directly to the facility where the defendant is being held.

What Are The Options Under A Bail Bond?

When it comes to a bail bond, there is no limit to the amount that can be accessed from the bail bondsman. The only difference is in the qualifying criterion that you will have to satisfy. Larger bail amounts will naturally require a co-signer and/or collateral.

A co-signer takes on a significant amount of risk in the event that the defendant goes on the run and fails to pitch up on the scheduled court dates. Proof of employed is required, especially when accessing a zero deposit finance bond. You will also have to furnish the bail bondsman with acceptable collateral. When it comes to collateral and the payment of the bond fee, most agents accept a number of payment options which gives you flexibility.

You can also make advance arrangements with your bail bondsman to have his agent attend your arraignment with a view to hastening the payment of the bail at the conclusion of the hearing. Talk to your agent and chat the best way forward and avoid acting on street information. You have to remember that time is always of the essence, especially for the one behind bars. Make quick arrangements and the process begins when you call your agent.

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