Why the Services of a Nassau County NY Bail Bondsman Are Very Vital For the Accused

There are many good reasons why people Nassau seek the services of a Nassau county NY bail bondsman whenever they are offered an option of paying bail by the courts. This is a golden opportunity to secure your freedom and you must not let even the lack of liquidity hold you back. Since bail is refundable after you comply with terms of release, the bondsmen are private companies that stand ready to loan you the money for a small fee which is mostly 10% across the industry.

The law has the presumption of innocence but sometimes you can languish in jail until the courts get a chance to clear you of the charges. Being able to raise the required bail amount spares you the torture of incarceration and enables you to defend yourself from the comfort of your home and family. This also gives you ample time to gather any evidence that maybe required in your defense and also craft a solid defense with your lawyer.

Incarceration brings with it a lot of disadvantages that go beyond the physical, emotional, psychological and physical exertion. You are effectively curtailed from carrying out your daily productive engagement and your family has to make do with visiting you in an environment that also affects them in a number of ways. It is very vital to eliminate the unnecessary torment to you and your family and ensure that you don’t live like a convicted felon before you have had your day in court.

What Are The Requirements?

The requirements for the bond disbursement vary depending on the amount of money in question. Bondsman need to cover themselves against the real risk that some accused individuals take flight once they get a taste of freedom. Under such circumstances it is left to the bondsman to ensure that you have been hunted down something which obviously requires money. This risk is covered by the need for collateral especially on considerable amounts of money. An alternative is to have a relative play the role of guarantor to the agreement. If you are to take the role of a guarantor to a bail bond agreement make sure you trust the person enough to know that they won’t play the disappearance act on you leaving you to foot the costs of the subsequent manhunt. You must also seek the services of established agents who have been operating in Nassau for some time.