First thought (are not always the) best thought

I’m a Product Manager. In my first short post I want to share one thought about my role in software teams.

In my +5 years working as PM my know-how evolved. My obsession was about products that matter (I used to say ‘I´m focus on products products products’). As time went by, I understood that a product is the result of a vision and a vision is usually a result of a problem (one to be solved).

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Regardless if you work on a new product, a new feature or solving a bug, you should follow your vision. I wish I had read early in my career Kevin Rose’s (Founder @ Digg) post about “The importance of selling your vision”. Not only is the way to think in products, is also the way to align the team.

To finish with a one liner, I will quote Rohini Vibha (Business Designer @ IDEO).

You’re not managing a product. You’re managing the problem it solves.

Argentinian. 58% Product Manager 42% dev. Business Administration & Information Systems major at Technological Institute of Buenos Aires.

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