Millennium Bridge, London, UK (2019)

It’s January 1st, 2018 and I’m in London. There’s so much of design about this city, it’s the nation of studios such as Made Though, Spin, Sawdust, and ManvsMachine to name a few. I arrived in the evening of December 31st (2017) after a very shaky flight from Lisbon to London City. The underground was chaotic and I had to take a train from the airport to Shoreditch, take a shower and meet a friend in Blackfriars that was expecting me for the new years eve, it was stressful. I had a lot to do in one hour and half…

Photo by Rita Morais

Every couple months I find some list of the best books that you should read about Design, Product Design, User Experience, etc.

But to be honest, I never find lists of magazines that explore these subjects. Most of the people focus on books to learn new things, but there is so much great content available from independent publishers on a more regular basis.

So I decided to share my personal list of the best magazines I read about design. …

Last week a big friend of mine told me how curious she thinks my creative process is.

Marcela and I are working together for about six months leading a product design team for Bradesco, during this time we got to know a lot about how each other deals with deadlines, pressure, daily routines, problem-solving, etc.

The assumption made me question myself about what is a typical creative process?

I’m confident to say that as we are all humans with different backgrounds, everyone has its own way to access creativity.

And as we can’t do things that we don’t know, the…

The best thing about working inside agencies creative teams is the diversity of work and people that you have the opportunity to undergo in a short period.

Having experienced both sides and talking with a lot of friends in the industry I see that the way product teams measure its success is very different from creative teams.

Creative teams most valuable capital is ideas.

Ideas captivate clients, generate enthusiasm and close business deals. What I mean by that is if you don’t have a big idea, there is no release, and the project won’t find itself in customers’ hands.

In the other side of the coin, product…

If you came across this piece and decided to give it a chance, it’s probably because like me you have already read through dozens of articles about how to start writing and probably never actually found the answer you were looking for.

Maybe you never felt comfortable enough to publish something you wrote because you feel that your text does not have the same texture as most of the things you read on Medium.

So I put some thought into finding a way to help you start writing and publishing your content as soon as possible.

Everything is about structure.

Let’s start with a…

Quando o Instagram decidiu mudar o ícone do seu aplicativo isso acabou gerando um buzz na internet, boa parte das pessoas discordavam sobre a escolha "visual" do novo ícone, todos preferiam o antigo. Cerca de três meses antes disso, a mesma coisa aconteceu quando o Uber decidiu que era hora de mudar sua identidade, e com ela o ícone de seus apps mobile.

Acontece que essas duas empresas não foram as únicas. A Netflix acaba de atualizar seu ícone e abandonar a wordmark que ocupava o espaço de 90x90 pixels na tela de nossos tablets.

Ainda antes o Twitter já…

Bruno Arizio

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