History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

this is none sense. You are so overlooking the past with fear that you can’t see the present with Clarity. Your scenarios are bullshit I am sorry.

  1. Brexit is a call for freedom, the Eu is a violation of the French article 3 of the declaration of human rights and citizenship. this is the reason why people are overruling it.
  2. Europe for peace : This is the biggest lie of all. Peace has been granted by 500 000 GIs stationed in Germany to protect Europe from Communist government. The EU, the political side of the Union was born in 1992 and finalized with the Euro in 2002. Since then it brought bankruptcy to the worse economic zone of the entire world for 15 years now. democracy ??? Big joke it has taken out two prime ministers democraticly elected without the consent of it’s people. Stolen all greeks assets and added more debt to them just to cover the ECB disastrous accounts. Europe is no ideal for peace, Europe is a dictatorship of a new kind unsustainable and collapsing that will leave a disaster behind it unless it is dismantled. All anti-EU are in favor of free trade and free movements within Europe they all just want the law back to serve peoples interests and not the policy of privation of the resources of the many to suit the interests of the few.
  3. The story of the 20th century, read hannah Arendt, is that of tyrany that stood behind some ideology that blinded the people on the nature of the regime put in Place. For Hitler is was german supremacy, for the communists it was the creation os a new man, for Mussolini it was a romantic vision of patriotism. For the Eu is that idea of peace and prosperity. In all cases people were blinded by such an ideology. All of these have in common total control of the state over the individual just like the EU is doing regulating and forcing people using the law. In all cases rise of the state power and use constraint of the law to force people to fit in. This is what is happening in Europe. And in every cases we had people like you, watchdogs of the system barking and arguing that it was real freedom.

Now as regards to the US :

  1. Trump has always been against war. He pledges for a progressive refundation of alliances to fight the real international threat which is Islamic fundamentalism and a share of responsibilities between many countries to get progressively america out of those conflicts.
  2. he pledges for a refocus on american problems and converting america from a brutal and agressive power to a peaceful trade power and reviewing the terms of trade deals towards a more balanced approach.
  3. hillary Clinton belongs to administration that has been the most agressive in US history. 5 trillion dollars spent on war in 8 years. This is by far the biggest ever agressive and murderous administration of all times. Obama is a killer, hillary too. they supported Al qaeda in Siria, their actions led to the rise of ISIS as a super power and a major international threat with 2 trillion dollars at their disposal. And now she wants to go to war with Russia and being super agressive with China. But there are some idiots like you that whatever the facts believe she is for peace where everything from what she says to what she did proves the contrary !!!!

You know nothing about freedom or liberty. Your reading of the past goes through lenses of beliefs and re read events to bend them to a religious view and use them to sustain a system of power which is the violation of 200 years of freedom principles.

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