From Studio to Live Performance

The video above from Kongos is probably the best live performance you will find on YouTube. Now compare with the studio recorded version and tell me which is best? You may have your preference, but it 's undeniable that both versions are really good.

What 's interesting about this is that if you look at their other live performances you will see poor quality executions. Some lacking sound effects, others missing harmony or simply rhythm.

The lesson learned here IMO is that you can work hard on your laboratory, studio, or office, to get your product done. You can look at it and think that you have the state of the art, and you may in fact have it. But it 's only when you move to production, public exposure, live performance, that you will actually see how good you and your product are, how you two will excel.

If you are a conference speaker, don 't be afraid to trying presenting your session for the first time. You will improve, you will get better. Just don 't deliver your very first live performnace at the main stage of Rock in Rio, unless you are very, very, very self-confident :-)

PS: this entry was inspired by this comment.

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