Festo Introduction

Value First


Festo is a universal celebration platform, best described as a maximum viable ecosystem “MVE” (25 divisions) with all service for *faire la fête* at the end user finger tip. Festo is value first project, our value is creating richness and our core value is about sharing the pursuit of happiness.


Human share one thing in common (celebrating) despite of our difference from religion, culture, skin color, sexual orientation or financial statue. The urge to chill out and reunite with friend family or perfect stranger to cheer for the next round of whatever life hardship as to throw on our road is an very special temporal event of happiness to share.

Celebration as it root with spiritual incantation from religious festival, the origin of festival go as far Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Rameses III celebrating his victory over the Libyan. The most important religious festivals such as Christmas, Rosh Hashanah, Diwali, and Eid al-Adha serve to mark out the year.

Toward the year we saw the appearance of many different kind of festival, music festival, movie festival, comedy festival, foodies festival and the list keep going and growing. In the last 100 years we saw social festivity evolution with the born era of cabaret from Paris with vaudeville, the American southern juke joint to the speakeasy during the American prohibition 1920–1933 era, to thematic nightclub as we know them today. Last 10 years we saw the evolution of mass music festival gathering +100k people to a single venue which offer more entertaining opportunity for social gathering event spending festif dollar.

Festo is about celebrating this world, our culture, our memories, our people, our friends, our families, all the connection of this world that’s we could extrapolate to a moment of joy.Festo is more then that, festo celebrate unity vs inequalities, difference vs formalism, beauties vs dogma, generosity vs scarcity, we will think different we do it.

To do so festo will need the revive the spirit of all the great ambassadors that was there done that, like Josephine Baker, Aretha Franklin, Anthony Jourdain, Prince, Texas Guinean, Mickeal Jakson,Frank Sinatra, etc..