Internet of Value Manifesto

Bruno Cecchini
May 24, 2018 · 4 min read

The objectivity of this manifesto is to move toward a universal consensus for lay out a solid foundation for the participative economy, the “internet of value”. We are witnessing a major social paradigm shift where the old reactive policy making are disconnected from stakeholders interest. Now with blockchain aka “reflexive database” plus artificial intelligence we open a new age of possibility with the capability to build an economy that shows reflexiveness with the bias of stakeholders.

Distributed collaborative system as to share a common belief to be effective, to move forward into this new paradigm shift we need to share what common value should be… Our value is about creating richness and our core value is about sharing the pursuit of happiness, those common beliefs will shape the Internet of Value.

We will think different we do it, knowledge velocity is one of the most challenging areas of our time, skill acquisition in the academy are always stuck way behind market need and ultimately fall down into irrelevance for the stakeholders. We believe that an abundance of information with greater communication channel with open access providing real-time feedback loop will ultimately align the organization with education and produce intrinsic value for the stakeholders.

One size does not fit all, standardization is good but should not interfere with the free willingness of market participant to call for innovation and challenge conventional wisdom.

  • Breaking the silo in technology, we want more expert generalist to expand on creative thinking to unleash a new era of innovation with logical positivism. We favor open access communication toward every stakeholder emphasizing on diversity for people culture, skill background and for technology as public/private blockchain, internet of thing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, quantum computing and so on… Unity, solidarity and free will to opt-in on any project and question everything with respect of the past and actual states of affair, don’t have fear to add value and be thankful for other contributors.
  • Breaking the glass ceiling in the economy, the road of prosperity should be for the many not for the few and to accomplish that we need to reverse or economic engineering system bottom up. To be effective we have to let the knowledge flow move like water to produce the resourceful energy capability for raising a mountain.

We all recognize that the status quo is no longer an option, we all embrace innovation but stakeholders protection should be on top of the agenda when it comes to investing, but protection is not discrimination. We call for collaboration between stakeholders to find the solution with respect to their jurisdiction that serves the best interest of all stakeholders.

The business logic fundamental should be clear, predictable and reliable on any circumstance to anchor trust between stakeholders. Transparency, clarity, and integrity are the cement that solidifies our base layer foundation to increase the business flow for a prosperous economy.

Law, justice and democracy, no code is law, the law is code, but spaghetti law should not be made into a code, nor be respected by stakeholders. Availability, accessibility, and equality are the pinnacle of a great system of justice, is not a good government that make great citizen but a great citizen that make good government.

The right for privacy is not a right for secrecy, granted access into space and time to privacy is not for perpetuity and should not be considered as an act of forgiveness.

Decentralization is subjective, as for our body function our spinal cord play a crucial centralization role for coordination and synchronization of our body movement. Education is our spinal cord that will amplify the bursting signal at the edge of the network.

Trust is a pressing issue or lack of trust, trust as to be universally distributed with respect to the bias of the stakeholders to create a positive energy flow in constant feedback loop motion to be in symbioses with the collectivity.

The worst enemy of humanity is ignorance, fear, cupidity, and hope, we don’t have hope we call for action through collaboration and participation, should the law of large number triumphs over dogmatism.

Bruno Cecchini

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