How TV can change culture

As I have outlined in my earlier posts, I believe our culture is the main driver in the deterioration of marriage in our society. Television is the biggest indicator of culture across all demographic groups. What I mean by that is almost all people watch tv of some sort whether you are young or old, white or black, male or female. Almost everyone watches TV. According to a NY daily news report from last March, the amount of TV the average American watches is astounding according to Nielsen.

Since Americans watch so much TV, television is the key way to reach the culture. What is seen on the screen in people’s living rooms has a profound impact on their lives and what they precieve to be the American culture. So for instance, the show 16 and pregnant or Teen Mom can be seen anywhere and are often advertised all over the place. I don’t watch either of these shows and I have heard about them and know what channel I can watch them on.

A new TV show like Fresh Off The Boat which is a more family oriented show which debuted on ABC last month had very little advertising. So the advertising is at the heart of what is driving the shows, what time they are aired, and how they can run the commercials.

If the advertising methods can change, television can change, and therefore our culture can change. Next post I will get into more details on how to go about advocating for change in the tv industry.

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