The End…..

Everyone who is currently in Sociology 424 (Social Change) class, last week I presented my TED Talk. I appreciate all who listened last week and all who have read my blogs this semester and commented on things they felt were important.

I feel very passionate about the topic of marriage and the current breakdown of the traditional American family. I believe many of our nations problems can be solved if relationships and marriage were taken more seriously and problems were worked through rather than avoided.

Education starts in the home and I believe every child needs 2 parents, a mother and a father, to raise them and give them guidance. Too many children in this country live in broken homes and their opportunities become limited in their future. I believe this can and will change because I believe greatly in this country. Divorce does not have to be the go to option to end all bad relationships.

Thanks again for reading and I hope everyone has a great summer!

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