Scene from Love & Mercy.

Love & Inspiration.

I finally watched the movie Love & Mercy. The story of Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys.

The movie is amazing and there are 2 things we can learn from and bring it to the advertising industry. No worries, there’s no film spoilers. :)

1 — Good Work Brings More Good Work.

When Brian Wilson heard the album “Rubber Soul” by The Beatles for the first time, he was impressed.

In the same period he asked the other band members to not go on tour anymore. He wanted to dedicate himself on ideas and compositions.

He was not a great example of collaborator, but he was passionate and believed in what he wanted to do. And he was brilliant!

He almost single-handedly wrote and compose all the arrangements of all the songs on the album “Pet Sounds”, one of the best records of all time.

The Beatles inspired him to do something better.

It was not jealousy, it was about inspiration.

He tested other types of instruments and arrangements, never done before into a popular Rock band.

“Pet Sounds” was released and Paul McCartney, from The Beatles said: “God Only Knows is the best song ever written”.

After “Pet Sounds”, The Beatles were inspired and recorded “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”.

After “Sgt. Pepper’s”, Brian Wilson was inspired again and wrote the acclaimed “Good Vibrations” single.

One thing led to another.

One thing inspired the other.

In advertising, sometimes we have the habit of criticizing and envy the work of other agencies.

I used to say that the more bad ads are created, the harder is to approve the good ones.

So I’m always trying to be inspired by other people’s work.

I try to leave my ego and jealousy aside and focus on the inspiration.

That’s what Paul McCartney did with Brian Wilson and Brian Wilson did with Paul McCartney.

Respecting and admiring each other.

2 — There Will Always Be Someone Trying to Minimize You.

In the movie it’s clear that Brian Wilson was pulled down his entire life.

As a child, his father was violent and put him down.

When he recorded “Pet Sounds”, the band pulled him down. They wanted to do some more commercial as previous albums.

When he was having drug problems, his therapist pulled him down to keep Brian under his full control.

When Melinda Ledbetter, his current wife, decided to help him and fight against his therapist to push him up, Brian recovered and finally moved on with his life and finally recorded his old project “Smile”.

In advertising (everywhere) we have that kind of people.

The ones who don’t collaborate, with huge egos and minimizing everyone.

And the ones who push people up, fighting for the good ideas and respecting everyone.

Paraphrasing a friend, the leader pushes the best of people and the boss pulls what it’s better for himself.

Be inspired, don’t be jealous.

Push people up, don’t put them down.

And go watch the movie! :)

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