Say ‘Bye Bye’ to Brazil’s Aircraft Carrier
Robert Beckhusen

I’m a brazilian and does not make sense to have an aircraft carrier in my country. It’s anoffensive weapon and Brazil is not going to enter in war with another country.
We should focus on having a navy to defend our coastline, but right now we cancount with just 8 frigates, 5 naval corvettes and 5 submarines. This is not
enough to defend the country and to protect the aircraft carrier, since this
ship does not have efficient ways to defend by himself.

For the last 12 years, Sao Paulo does not left the docks, always on expensive maintenance that the Navy cannot afford to pay. Would be much better and cheaper to give up the idea about having another carrier for the next 20 years, buying new subs instead. Too bad that the officials and politicians have plans to buy another.

By the way, the last time an aircraft carrier was used in a war in South America was in the Malvinas’ war. The only thing that her aircraft carrier did was to flee back to the port and stay there, since Argentina in the 80s, just like Brazil now, was unable to protect against the British, would be an easy target.