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Hello Dear!

I just wanted to say that my translation (and my notes) are ready and properly published in my Medium here and you can go there and check my notes about the text on the end of it!

I had translated it on full length trying to retain fidelity to the original text and I wrote my personal notes just in the end (in both English and Portuguese, so you can read it). Once again, thank you for the text and thank you for letting me translate it.

Oh, I also noted that you started following me, I started my Medium publishing a text “What are we doing to change the world around us?” in Portuguese, but soon I’m going to translate it so English-users can read it, and I pretend to do it with every text I publish. So, hopefully you will enjoy my writting as soon as I translate it!

So thanks for everything again and have a nice day!

Best Regards,


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