Quora Roadmap: Everything You Should Know! (Updated 2020)

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A platform for everyone’s taste.

  1. What is Quora?
  2. Why You Should Use Quora?
  3. Using Quora as a Writer
  4. Using Quora as a Reader
  5. Creating a Profile
  6. Questions on Quora
  7. Answers on Quora
  8. Check your Stats
  9. Questions for You
  10. Blogs on Quora
  11. Quora Tips & Tricks

Note: This guide will be updated once a year. Therefore, the latest updates, as well as helpful information, will be included.

The internet is a crowded place of fake gurus.

Let’s break the cycle. Due to the reason I successfully use Quora, I welcome you to my full comprehensive guide. Hope you enjoy!

What is Quora?

Back in 2009, Quora was launched for the first time, by two former Facebook workers named Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever.

Source: www.quora.com

Quora is a platform used to ask questions connected to different topics as business, philosophy, everyday life and so on.

Even if you try to google what is Quora, on the top of the best google results will be some answer from Quora itself, explaining what actually is Quora all about.

Designed to be used as a knowledge-sharing platform, Quora today counts more than 80 million active users.

Many use Quora in means of collecting information, building social networks or simply for reading interesting answers provided by highly educated people or self-thought users.

Quora users have the freedom to ask questions as they please, to answer questions of others as well as edit their questions. You can also run a blog on the platform itself, and spread in communities you would like to take part in.

Besides Quora being an excellent source of education and expertise, it also is largely used for entertainment. With having millions of fun topics to talk on, Quora participants are granted the freedom of sharing amazing life experiences.

As a platform, Quora is an immense way of expressing your views in relation to particular topics. Every user is allowed to apply their own writing style because there is no such thing as writing guidelines.

The users can build a follower base in a very short time. Just because everyone is allowed to choose their own interests, it is the best thing in the world someone reads and connects to your words.

Signifying ‘’Questions(Qu) or (or) Answers(a)’’, Quora as a platform is clearly something between a Q&A site and a social network.

It has some pretty similar features as other social networks. You can upvote 👍 (like) a certain question, follow people, leave comments or communicate with your followers through private messages. But on the other side, you can find answers to a specific question instead of a bunch of facts that Google would give you if you search the question through a browser.

Quora is a common practice for creating a “name” for yourself, by expressing your own views and thoughts. Becoming an influent character with many followers is not that hard. Quora is a fairly easy platform to use and in order to take full advantage of all of the benefits, follow the steps that will provide a quality Quora profile.

Why You Should Use Quora?

Do you want to answer or ask hundreds of interesting questions per day? Or you want to be just a silent follower of the community constantly learning new things through the internet?

If your answer is Yes, then Quora is the perfect platform for you.

Being one of the fastest-growing platforms today, Quora is welcoming new users every day. Being such a perfect platform for your creative needs, the Quora community is getting stronger and stronger each day.

Using Quora as a Writer

As writers, Quora users have the ability to ask questions as well as respond to the ones others ask.

According to the Quora association, the number of daily asked questions varies, but it is almost always in the range between 3,000–5,000 questions asked a day.

This only means you have at least 3,000 chances to change someone else’s life by sharing your own experiences, advice, and lessons.

As proven, you also have the freedom to ask as many Questions as you please. You are also given the choice to ask certain people a question by choosing the same-named option on their profiles. This is something we will go over later in the text.

Can You Make Money off Writing Questions on Quora?

Yes, you can. And, if you have not heard of Quora Partner Program by now, it is the right time to do so.

Fundamentally, this program allows Quora users to enrich themselves only by asking questions. However, it is not as easy as it sounds.

Questions get evaluated, therefore are compensated based on the user engagement. The advertising revenue a question generates is also a crucial factor of the payoff. You will earn money for your asked question for one whole year.

As for right now, this program is invite-only and you are not limited on the number of questions you can ask through the Partner Program.

Lastly, keep in mind the transactions are only done via Stripe (for U.S located users) or PayPal (non-U.S located users).

Can You Get Published Wider Than Quora?

Does Huffington Post, Inc., Time sound familiar to you?

Quora is a partner with some of the world’s most respected media newspapers and offers you a chance to post your answers right there. For this purpose, your answers must be exceptional and most importantly to be truly possible to implement it in reality by the “ordinary mortals”.

The process of posting your answer to some of these world-wide newspapers can be quite random, but also intentional.

Quora has its own team whose members on their profiles are “marked” as Quora Media and Publishing Team. Under their name stands their function on this platform. You can type these words in the search section and then you will get a million responses from people who have been published on some of these newspapers. Among their responses, you will find people who are responsible for publishing those answers in the newspapers.

Quora team members such as the ones presented above, ask questions as well, and if you give a good answer to them, you have a chance to be published on some of their partners’ websites. You can also check the people they follow and answer their questions as this will make your answers easier to notice.

If your answer succeeds in being spotted and published, you will receive little recognition on your profile as a top writer and published writer, which will make you a little more influential on this platform.

Using Quora as a Reader

Being a reader on Quora is rather a choice than an option.

Basically, there is no choice you should make for either being a writer or a reader — you just choose to use your profile for your own personal preferences.

A reader’s profiles are the same, and one can essentially tell someone is a reader by the stats on their profile. Readers, logically, don’t ask nor answer any of the questions asked by the other Quora users.

Not asking, not answering, just reading through questions can be very beneficial for some users. It is due to the reason they use the platform to gain knowledge, educate themselves on certain topics or simply because of fun.

Everyone has a choice on Quora. Make sure you choose what best serves you.

Now, let’s start from the beginning.

Creating a Profile

The homepage is simple and you can sign up by using email, Facebook or Google account. Right after you choose your desired method, you are in.

Your profile will speak for you — so be careful about what you present to your potential followers.

As with any other social platform, the Quora profile requires a creative and honest presentation.

On the top of your profile, you are able to add a photo of yourself and write a few sentences that best describe who you are.

Personally, I made my description to be as specific as possible, but to give enough information that will attract attention. Also, make sure to include links from other social media platforms if you would like to establish a more trusted relationship. This way, you can use the Quora for more traffic on your website, blog or any other social media profile.


Users can find their account settings by clicking on their profile picture and picking the ‘’Settings’’ option.

Here is where you can do all of your desired changes regarding your account, privacy, email & notifications, languages, and blocked & muted users.

On the assumption that you already have some sort of online media presence, ascertain connecting the rest of your accounts. This will enable you to share your answers anywhere you please.


Alike every other social media platform, Quora caters private messaging between its users.

However, keep in mind you cannot message anybody. There is an option the ‘’Privacy’’ section of your setting, where you can choose your inbox preferences.

With this personal choice, comes your ability or inability to reach out to someone. If a person has disabled receiving messages from non-followers or from literally anybody logically, you will not be able to send them a message.

In cases when you follow the person or they allow messages from any person on Quora, you will be able to send them a message by clicking on the three dots on their profile — next to their description box.

Your own messages can be found with clicking on your profile picture and then proceeding to click on the ‘’Messages’’ option.

To ‘’unread’’ a message, open the conversation, press the three dots at the top of the conversation and ‘’Mark as Unread’’.

To mute a conversation, open the conversation then again press the three dots at the top of the conversation and ‘’Mute Conversation’’.

Reporting Quoranians can also be done following the same method — open the conversation, press the three dots on the top of the conversation and choose ‘’Report’’.

Credentials & Highlights

Credentials and highlights can be found on the top right on your profile, next to your description box. This subdivision should contain all of your experiences, worth highlighting.

By clicking the pen symbol next to it, you will be able to choose the credentials to share on your profile. By selecting ‘’Add a credential’’ you will have to the following alternatives:

  • Employment
  • Education
  • Location
  • Topic
  • Language

Embrace the credentials you are willing to share with the public. Usually, the most common credentials are current employment, education, and location. Regardless of the portion that you choose to share, it should be truthful.

Knows About

The department speaks for itself. Since every person you will meet is interested in different topics, this is where you should mention yours.

This chunk can be found on the right side of your profile, below the credentials and highlights. Again, by clicking the pen symbol, you will be able to edit this section.

Type and enter every topic you have an interest in or you already know much about. You are free to enter as many topics as you would like since the questions on those topics are the ones that are going to pop up on your home page.

The topics you select will immediately have you as a follower.

  • Edit the topics

In a case when your topics need an update, you are able to edit them by clicking on ‘’Topics’’ row, in your ‘’Feeds’’ area. ‘’Feeds’’ is on the left side of your profile, right below your profile picture.

Then, start unfollowing the topics you no longer have interest in.


As simple as it is on any other platform, you can check your notifications a click on ‘’Notifications’’ on the top bar menu.

To have all of your notifications displayed, choose to ‘’See All Notification’’. You will then be able to find all the filters on your left. Filters such as Answers, People, Comments, Edits, Followers, Posts, Questions, Requests, Upvotes, Spaces, and Others.

There is also an option to mark all of your notifications as read by clicking on ‘’Mark All As Read’’ on the top of the list.


Seemingly easy, the logging out can be tricky. Because it is extremely unnoticeable, I believe it is worth mentioning.

Click on your profile photo, and look straight at the bottom of the menu.

Now when you know where to look for, it should not be hard to find.

Questions on Quora

As mentioned, Quora is invented for asking questions and giving answers. Such a simple concept is what makes it so unique.

Every user has the freedom to ask questions by clicking on the big red button that says, “Add question or link” on the top right of your profile.

Quora also offers a way for asking questions anonymously. If there is a question for which you want your identity to remain hidden, check the ‘’Anonymous’’ option in the ‘’Show to followers’’ before you ask the question. Quora will hide all your data and no personal information will be available to the other users.

Furthermore, if you are not in the mood of reading all the answers at once, you can mark the question in a bookmark in the Quora itself and read the answers later.

In case you want a broad and reasoned answer to your question, then it is best to begin the question with a “Why”. On the other hand, if you are looking for a simpler answer than try to ask the question with “What is…” or “What are…”.

Follow Questions

Accomplished easily, Quora users can follow questions they are curious about. Whether you have already answered that question or not, you can always follow the question by hitting the ‘’Follow’’ button beneath the question.

If you follow a question, you will be getting notifications every time someone answers that question in the future.

Answers on Quora

Quora accept answers from any of its users. We are all allowed to share our personal opinions and views.

Because of the fact you have already chosen your desired topics, similar questions will pop up in your feed.

Often, the most read answers to the Quora are not necessarily huge and long. Quora works on the principle of views and upvotes of your response. The more views and votes you collect on your questions, the more people will want to follow you.

Similar to Instagram, with the fact that instead of an attractive image, the creative and intelligent answer here collects the most upvotes (likes).

Simply, choose a question by clicking on it — and you are ready to post an answer.

Type your answer in the box below the question and click on ‘’Submit’’ if you like to post your answer. On the three dots below the question, you can again choose if you would like to stay anonymous. There are many options for your answer about one single question.

In addition to answering the question, you can also share your answer on the other connected accounts.

Check your Stats

Quora also has its own statistical tool. This is an efficient way to measure the progress of your profile.

Click on your profile picture on the top of the page and then choose the ‘’Stats’’ category.

Here you have the ability to check the progress of your questions, answers, posts or the whole content. You can also review these statistics during the last week, last 30 days, 3 months or the whole time passed on Quora.

Depending on what you appoint, the statistics will give you a realistic view of your Quora presence. The total number of views, upvotes, and shares will be shown. Thus, you will have a clear vision of how much you actually are growing.

Questions for You

This is an important part too. By clicking on the ‘’Answer’’ section of your top bar menu, you will be able to see all of the questions others require your response on.

On your left side, on the top of the page, you will see 4 parts:

  • Questions for You — Representing requests of answers on questions regarding your interests
  • Answer Requests — Representing questions other Quora users have for you
  • Answer Later — Representing all the questions you choose to answer later by selecting the so-called option on the three dots on every question
  • Drafts — Representing all of your drafts — unfinished both, answers and questions.


This feature helps in filtering the answers. Many Quora questions have hundreds of answers, which sometimes hardens your chances of reading the most useful answers.

By the simple execution of pressing the ‘’Upvote’’ arrow ⇧ or the arrow pointing in the different direction ⇩, you either choose to like (upvote) or dislike (downvote) that answer.

With voting, answers are ranked starting from the best answer (having most upvotes) on a certain question, to the worst.

Edit your answers

You are allowed to edit your answers even after submitting them. The process can be done either by:

· Clicking on the question and then on the ‘’You can edit or delete it at any time’’ below the notification ‘’You’ve written an answer’’.

· Clicking on the three dots below the question shown on your profile page.

Pin an Answer

Every user can pin only one answer of theirs. The pinned answer comes on the top of the profile page.

Pinning an answer is commonly done when the writer believes to have a very useful answer, worth reading or because that same answer went really well with either views or upvotes.

Regardless of the reason, choose an answer you take pride in because it indeed is the first thing your followers see on your profile.

Press the three dots under the question on your profile and choose the option to “Pin to profile’’.

Blogs on Quora

Alongside the capability to ask and answer questions, each Quora user is able to create their own blog.

The creation of your blog can be done by choosing the ‘’Blogs’’ segment found in your basic bar menu (with clicking on your profile picture).

It will immediately display you have zero blogs. In the same row, you will find the ‘’Create Blog’’ opportunity which you will need to choose.

Right after this, start creating your own blog. Come up with an appropriate name regarding the topic/s you are going to talk on, develop a suitable blog URL and a short description for your blog.

Spaces and Communities

The ‘’Spaces’’ zone is a collection of communities around Quora. Each of the collections and communities shares the same tastes and interests. The Quora users can participate in spaces they choose to follow. The updates of these spaces are presented in the followers’ feeds.

Explore some interesting communities just by selecting the ‘’Spaces’’ part of your top row menu.

Quora Tips & Tricks

Using Quora wisely can be exceptionally beneficial.

Due to me using this platform for several different reasons, I felt like sharing all of the tips and tricks I came to find out about Quora.

Let’s dive in this tremendous list of practical tips and tricks every Quoranian can use to optimize their profiles.

Check Question Stats

It is the most typical mistake not to pay attention to the question statistics.
Some users use Quora for promotional purposes, personal branding and marketing, thus they do not have a chance to do so if they do not get to the wider public.

How do you do that?

Easy — you will need to answer more read or followed questions.

Logically, if you use to answer a question that has 100 views, the chances of someone big seeing your answer are slim to none.

Question statistics are inside the question, on the right side of the display, a few scrolls down. The more followers and views the question has, the bigger your chances of more people seeing your answer are.

Note: Regardless of the previously mentioned, I strongly suggest staying away from overly viewed questions.

For an instance, if a question has over 20 million views, what are the chances of your answer getting an exposure? Almost impossible, right?

What I most often do is answer questions that have a range between 200K — 3M views. It has proven to work perfectly fine for views as well as upvotes.

This does not necessarily mean I have not answered questions with 50K views or 10M views, it just means I mainly answer questions in the previously mentioned range.

Use Pictures

Numerous researches have so far shown that people are visual beings, so in many marketing campaigns is used more visual material than text.

The same tactic is used by many users in the Quora community. Be careful with the use of images. Just in case, specify the source of the image or use some of the free photo platforms. The number of pictures you can use is not limited.

Attaching a picture is simple and pretty straightforward. When clicking to answer a question, you need to choose the photo icon and select your wanted image. This is a small step that will make a huge difference.

Pay Attention to Details

Details are everything.

It really is not that unusual for Quora answers to be considered as articles. It is all due to some answers being very educational, long worded specific and well put together.

Therefore, keep this in mind the next time you answer some question in your expertise. You never know who is reading or following the answers.

Details play such a huge role in this part. As mentioned, humans are visual creatures — thus, make your answer as eye-appealing as possible.

Here are some tips:

  • Divide the text with headings and subheadings
  • Bold, bold, bold — Bold headings, subheadings, important sentences and words
  • Using italic font is also a nice touch
  • Use quotes — Try searching for quotes relevant to the topic you are writing about
  • Try typing ‘’_____’’ and press Enter if you want to divide the text into parts
  • Use Emojis, symbols, and GIFs
  • Link to relevant articles and guides

Choose the Right Questions

You must be wondering what the hell I am talking about.

Which are the right questions? How to pick them?

Well, this is the biggest trick you will ever find out about Quora. And here I am, exposing it so we can all benefit. Believe me, you did not know you need this. But you do.

For this purpose, you will need to create an Ads Campaign. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay a penny. Just keep reading.

Click on your profile picture and choose the ‘’Ads Manager’’. After you enter your ads management panel, click on the ‘’Create Campaign’’ on the top right, under your profile picture. Please be careful about the information you are leaving, as this is not a trick for you to lose money. Just come up with a campaign name and create the campaign.

I have already created an ads campaign called ‘’Business’’, so you can name yours as you please. Then — click on your campaign and proceed towards clicking the ‘’Create Ads Set’’.

💥Boom! That’s the trick!

As you can see, you are able to target topics, questions, audience, interest and broad. Targetting questions will require you to click the button ‘’Choose Question’’ below. Then, enter a keyword/s and start exploring through the questions.

Caution: Don’t just close this tab but carefully leave this page by scrolling down and selecting the ‘’Cancel’’ option. Following, click on the ‘’Cancel Changes’’ just in case not a single problem to occur.

If you happen to still be confused with the process, I hope the following GIF will make things somewhat clearer.

Notify Me

To many, Quora is everything but not a platform that cares about followings. There is no denying that you can be followed or follow just a few hundreds of people, yet have a remarkable profile. It is because not only your followers see your answers but the whole community.

In cases when you find some interesting people, establish online friendships or simply would like to see everything one person does, you can easily do that by notifying yourself.

Open the profile page of the person you would like to stay updated about, and click the bell 🕭 next to the ‘’Follow’’ button in their description section. The bell should read ‘’Notify Me’’ and that should be your go-to option for important people.

This way you won’t miss any of their posts or questions, which will give you the opportunity to stay an active member in their community.

  • Ask Them Questions

Asking a certain person a specific question is also allowed on Quora. Choose the ‘’Ask Question’’ above their feed and feel free to enter your question.

Others also can ask you questions, and as we mentioned before they can be found in your ‘’Answer’’ sector of the main top bar menu.

Quora for Business

Quora is one of the biggest and definitely the most popular Q & A website.

For this reason, it is a fertile ground for many businesses. In other words, Quora is excellent for CEO and content marketing. One of the most important parts of the SEO is keyword research. When it comes to keyword research, it’s important to pay attention to keyword traffic and competition.

Researching keywords is not a simple thing and requires knowledge, tools, energy, and effort. But that’s why Quora is a place where you can easily find what you are searching for. Combined with tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush or some other tool, with the URL from Quora post, you can easily search information and analyses about which keyword has been optimized.

Another thing for which you can use Quora in your advance is for content marketing. Quora is based on words, sentences, and thoughts, people are writing their answers numerous times a day.

Quora is a place where professionals and self-thought people are united. In other words, you have access to million opinions, views and understandings. Those should give you some pretty good ideas for writing your content. By carefully reading all the questions you can get an idea of what people are interested in and make a great article for that by yourself.

The way the question is asked can help you to think of the title of your next article. The question’s reviews can give you a clear idea of how many people are interested in a particular topic. If a question has more than a million views than it’s clearly a topic that arises quite a lot of interest. You can use this information and write an essay or an article and target a certain group of people and satisfy their interest.

Quora can offer you a lot of business benefits depending on the aspect from which you are looking.

The benefits of using Quora are limitless.

Do you have a blog? Perfect — Link your own articles inside your answers and increase your blog traffic significantly.

Do you have a website? Perfect — Link your website in your content in order for the wider audience of Quora can feel free to visit your website as well.

Do you have a product? Perfect — Answer relevant questions regarding your industry, educate and spread awareness about your product.

Pro Tip: The more you grow on Quora the more you should invest time and effort into it. There are people making solid money because of their marketing and promotional tactics they use on Quora.

Also, don’t forget to network with people as you never know who you may meet.

Keep writing quality content, pay attention to details, spread awareness about your business and enjoy being a part of such a valuable community.

Hope you enjoyed and found this guide useful.

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