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I like and respect you but praising how unique the culture is then wanting to curb the preeminence of its French-language culture is a bit ironic. Fact is, unless you venture far East of St-Laurent or outside the island, Montréal *is already* a bilingual city.

As others said, English is now taught in grade 1 and inability to put your kids in English schools only applies to public schools, not private schools. It would be the same for anyone from Québec, France, Italy, Germany or anywhere else moving to the US (put your kids in English school or pay up for private schools in your language).

I’ve come to realize and accept that what makes Montréal such an awesome place to live, raise kids, work and/or launch a business is the fact it doesn’t try to be like another city. It is itself, for better or for worse. This is what keeps people here and it is also what attracts those who care enough to look. It’s not like people here stay only for lack of better options!

I wish I could travel to SF and NYC more often. Yet whenever I leave for too long, I miss Montréal and yearn to get back.

Maybe you were looking for something else in a city and found that in SF. Good for you, sincerely. A good product manager knows they needs to listen to users quitting their product … but listen even more to people who use it daily ;)

Looking forward to see you again soon, it’s been a while.

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