Dia 7 de Setembro de 2016. No dia que comemoramos a independência do Brasil, a Operação Serenata de Amor foi apresentada ao mundo. Data oportuna para o que almejávamos fazer: unir controle social com tecnologia, levando ciência de dados e inteligência artificial para águas ainda não exploradas.

Esse post é…

When developing for the web, a lot of companies have a common problem today: a lot of attention is put on the visuals, and so much is missed in the content. A clear case of lack of consistency is happening, my peeps.

In every level, when considered as part of…

A collection of books that helped me developing my own business

It's easy to lose yourself in the middle of so much information when digging in a new subject. Starting and running a business, for instance, is one of the most covered topics and one of the hardest to find…

Bruno Pazzim

Working in tech, design and data.

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