CookApp —  Eat at The Chef’s House.

My initial task was help on building a MVP but since I’m also a food enthusiast my role ended up on being a remote design asset helping to build and grow the entire product.


It is funny (and impressive) how things in life are connected. I worked with Tomas Bermudez (Founder of CookApp) in Peixe Urbano and even without saying it to each other we always knew that we’ll be working together after that. So after I left Peixe Urbano he asked for my help to build a product to connect chefs with foodies.

It seemed a perfect moment to start something new, build it fast and put it online to see how real audience interact, iterate and make it better. Always moving fast. So I took a flight to Buenos Aires where Tomas was building the initial community and platform. We spent 1 week together between good wines, awesome homemade food and off course sketching and deciding what to do next.

Flight, work and awesome food ☺

Simple and Charming MVP

People often think that a minimum viable product have to also be minimal on design. A pleasant visual layer help the product to achieve the wow factor at first sight. A good MVP should have clear value proposition and by clear I mean well written and well positioned.

Good designers should help translate early conceptual sketches in usable user interfaces. And that’s why I always recommend to people that are wondering to launch a product to hire a designer first.

Early Sketches Made by Tomas
Home Page and Event Page

Iterations are Never Too Much

Helps you to see your product in different angles even if you just ended by going back to the first one. For instance I wanted to use full width pictures on the Event Page but we ended by going to a fixed size cause we knew that lot of chefs will not have big and high quality photos and this could be a limiting factor to the platform or even make an ugly picture look worse.

Some of early iterations on the Event Page

That’s a great example about how design should be about how useful it will be and not only on how beautiful it will look later on the portfolio.

iPhone App

It started on my short time in Buenos Aires, me and Tomas did some initial sketches to record our ideas and launching the MVP it was kept on hold on the moment. Few months later, after early success of the MVP we went back into sketching and after some revisions and tests with a small group of users we shipped to the AppStore.

iPhone App Screens

It was my first oportunity to work with the all new iOS 7 style. An interesting experience that helped me see even more how less could be more when designing for small screens.

Thank you for reading.