Adele — a liar or a genuinely humble human being?

The fifty-ninth Annual Grammy Awards Ceremony was held on this past Sunday, the twelfth. During this Ceremony, Adele was shocked to receive the album of the year grammy award. Adele was completely speechless and in awe of receiving such an honor. Adele was not only awarded this grammy, but also received a grammy for Song of the Year, Record of the Year, Best Pop Solo Performance and Best Pop Vocal Album. Adele took a moment during her acceptance speeches for Record of the Year and Album of the Year to pay tribute to Beyonce, who was also nominated in the three categories that Adele won. Adele claimed the award for Album of the Year really belonged to “Queen Bey” (Beyonce). Adele then broke the grammy and gave a piece to Beyonce. The fact that half of the grammy was given to Beyonce is a fact that is in both the Complex and Variety article. Overall, the Complex article seemed to be much more biased against Adele than the Variety article showing Adele’s breaking of the award as a humble act.

To start off, in the Complex article readers saw the fact that Adele was given a “fake” grammy in the first place. That actually all of the Grammys given out on stage are “stunt” Grammys that can be dropped and thrown around before the winners get the real-deal awards. The article states “As of now, even with this new info in the air, it’s hard to say if Adele legitimately broke this “stunt” Grammy to add emphasis to her speech, or if she just broke a prop Grammy that’s sole purpose is to be around in case someone breaks it. Whatever the case may be, Adele’s people aren’t talking, and she probably doesn’t give a sh*t about what we think regarding this broken Grammy”. The article is stating that either way whether Adele did accidentally break the grammy, or if she purposely broke it, Adele knew that was not the real Grammy anyways, and that she would receive a “real” new one after. The article shows that Complex is bias against Adele showing that she pretended to do a kind act to get attention and more fans.

On the other hand, the Variety article is the complete opposite of the Complex article. The Variety article believed “Adele topped her gracious speech for her album of the year Grammy win with possibly an even more humble act”. The article states how Adele has trouble accepting the award and believes it truly belongs to Beyonce. Adele states how she is such a big fan of Beyonce and understands how much effort and work she put into her album. In the article, Adele stated, “I can’t possibly accept this award, and I’m very humbled and very grateful and gracious, but my life is Beyonce, and the album to me, the ‘Lemonade’ album, Beyonce, was so monumental and so well thought out”. The article then states how Adele loves Beyonce, and more quotes about how Adele adores appreciates her. Variety then states how Adele purposely breaks the Grammy in half, giving half of it to the star who deserves it most, Beyonce. The Variety article shows how it is much more bias towards Adele showing her as a humble and kind singer.

In the end, readers can see the difference between different news organizations due to bias opinions. Complex basically ranted about the fact that Adele was a liar and new she would get a new perfect grammy, whereas Variety said the complete opposite. Variety believed that Adele was a true fan of Beyonce and genuinely felt bad because she had won five Grammys in one night and Beyonce only two.

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