Photo: Abner Cestari

Building Lego

Kissing someone new for the first time.

The indescribable instant when fingertips softly collide with face, where a mystical aura involves our bodies like magnets that can’t be pulled apart.

All that limbic resonance connecting ourselves like television wires that chain electricity and turn us on.

Not to say, that delicate moment of intimacy, where our mouths fit perfectly like Lego pieces, even though our teeth may crash into each other in the process.

The thing about fitting like Lego pieces is that we won’t necessarily build anything out of it.

Lego consists of gathering these pieces, changing their positions, adapting their connections and then, only then, creating something beautiful.

I know we’ve only recently been unboxed and I can’t say for sure we’ll build anything but let’s try to connect our plugs. Something tells me you’re the right Lego piece.

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