How to tackle fear with one sentence

Being afraid is part of being human, the automatic response our brain triggers to keep us alert when we are at threat was key to our survival in the past, but is no longer useful. Like Nobel Prize winner, Professor Daniel Khan explains “System 1 (automatic system) has been shaped by evolution to provide a continuous assessment of the main problems to survive”. However, fear has become this obstructing force in our lives that keeps us from living it to the fullest. I’m no expert in fear, but I’ve found that common elements in our lives like uncertainty and chaos will keep us in our comfort zone, afraid of the unknown.

As a senior business school student, figuring out the next step in my career fills me with fear, anxiety and stress. Everyone seems to have an opinion to which is the best path and common knowledge is contradictory and vague. Going through: Be the hardest worker in the room, find your passion, work smarter, trust God’s plan, etc. I’ve come to the realisation that all these life mottos are valid and even complementary in most cases, but in reality

“No one knows what they are doing either — Ricky Gervais

To make matters worse, personal identities are now tagged incessantly: Millennial, sportsman, businessman and Christian — to name a few attributed to me- and too much information nourishes fear, more than stopping it. Nevertheless, we are taught that fear is bad and quickly learn its power to stop us from having rich experiences, that we’ll appreciate for a lifetime. So my advice is Think less, do more.

Whenever I start to overthink ideas and decisions, I stop myself and go for it, and most of the time I do just fine. I encourage you to do the same; stop giving too much thought to every decision you make and you won’t give fear a chance to prevail. Allowing yourself to be a little more impulsive and trusting to yourself will allow you to grasp different perspectives, and learn valuable life lessons. By this, I don’t mean to live dangerously and not consider consequences, but do try different things, let yourself go when there is no real threat and don’t let fear of the unknown grow inside you.