Love is a decision, choose wisely

If you’re in your twenties, like myself, the topic of love comes in conversation quite often, specially when you’re single. If you’re a guy, in a typically sexist society, it’s not so much love as chicks and fooling around, but still. When I hang out with female friends romanticism and ideals of what men should be like are usually discussed. The truth is that most of us are wired to — eventually- look for someone to share our lives with. Even if you’re not looking for someone with now, I doubt you see the future you being alone.

Personally, I’ve never been in love. I’m not looking to fall in love right now either (sorry ladies). I’ve decided to stay single for a while. For the usual stuff you’ve heard over and over — some maybe as excuses in break-ups -: focus on myself, have more time to accomplish my personal goals, but specially to mature enough so when I decide to love someone I can do it with maturely.

That’s right, I said it wrote it: When I decide to love someone. That’s the key to me, love is a decision. I don’t conceive something so important being left to chance, luck or chemistry. It’s true, I’m only a kid, only stepping into adulthood, and I’m probably wrong about most things in life. However, about this one I’m sure: Love is a decision.

The only way to succeed, happily and joyously, at spending my entire life with someone is if I decide to do it. This unusual perspective on love requires a maturity I yet don’t posses, but I’m certain it’s fundamental to grasp, and I encourage you to at least consider it. Common wisdom states that eventually we’ll all find love. I believe it’s better to decide to love, to choose when and how to do it. The other option is “if you have chemistry you only need one other thing — timing. But timing’s a bitch” — Robin Scherbatsky.