To my fellow Christians, love and be yourself

A couple weeks ago Manny Pacquiao tweeted: “Homosexuals are worse than animals”

I’m Christian, and I come from a Christian home and my parents have been Christians since their youth. Consequently, I was raised with Christian values and morals, that until this day are very useful to me in various aspects of my life, and I feel blessed for that.

However, I too feel offended and sorry for religious people that twist fundamental concepts and even forget the core of their religion. As I started to grow up and become more analytical of my faith, my church and my beliefs, I realized some flaws we as Christians sometimes make. Maybe some of them so obvious that they go without saying, but what may seem too obvious to discuss sometimes gets lost with other “more relevant” topics. So to my fellow Christians, I write this simple two rules we can’t afford to forget.

1. “Love your neighbor as yourself” — Matthew 22:39

The most important yet simple rule we tend to forget. We have to love everyone, even if you don’t like them, even if you think what they do or represent goes against your morals, love them. We always have to love our neighbour, whoever that is. I worked with a gay person before, and we got along just fine. Of course, we could have arguments about gay marriage, Christianity, the bible, etc. but they were differences of opinion. As long as respect and love are the main ingredients in your discussion, getting along shouldn’t be a problem.

2. Don’t fake it, just be yourself

People can tell if you are jus repeating what the bible says and quoting verses all the time. Don’t show people your religion, show them the effect your beliefs have in your life. You’ll be able to form a closer bond if you’re completely honest and show yourself as you are. I personally tend to make an awful lot of jokes and have a little bit of fun with black humor, so that’s what people see in me first. When they see that I’m not the stereotypical Christian with strict manner and formalities, people open up.

I feel sorry for Many Pacquiao, for making public his mistake, even if he later regret it. So my brothers and sisters, don’t forget this two simple rules: Love everyone and just be yourself.