Reasons to chose Wordpress instead other CMS

Well, maybe Wordpress is the most famous CMS used in the whole world: about 59% of all websites that use a CMS use Wordpress, and it's not complicated to understand why.

Let's start: OPEN SOURCE!

Community is active all the time, lot's and lot's of improvements are made each new version.

Easy maintenance

With a click-to-update feature, you are notified every time an update is available, so you probably won't need to hire someone to do that for you. (BUT that doesn't mean that everything still working as before upgrade, a few plug-ins take a while to update their core to full compatibility to latest version of WP)


A really awesome UI made everything easy: everything goes in the right place: Posts, Pages, Menus… More than 50% of my customers didn't ever used a CMS tool before, and now they run their websites like pro's!

AND is multilingual, so EVERYONE in EVERYWHERE can use!

Infinite possibilities

A bunch of awesome plug-ins are available and can turn your wordpress into a powerfull CRM, E-commerce, Mobile APP… and won't cost more than $100 (but keep in mind, this price is for using already-made tools, customizing and/or creating one has lots of bennefits, but have its costs too)


You don’t have to be a genious to set up properly a Wordpress installation.
And even know a single line code!

Just upload the files into your directory, create an Mysql user and db and the auto-install does the rest!

Besides, nowadays most of hosts offer the Wordpress installation in an automatic way: they set up the DB and upload files, all you have to do is set a directory and admin user and password.