How to cope with the troubles that don’t seem temporary

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At times, we all carry heavy loads. Anyone older than a toddler recognizes that occasional heavy loads are a part of life.

Responsibilities can feel overwhelming. Health issues come up. Tragedy strikes like the death of a loved one. It could just be a lot of little things happening over a short period of time. Stress can boil over.

If we work at it, over time, we get better at coping with these stressors. We learn how to take a breath. How to avoid destructive reactions like lashing out or shutting down. …

Serving has been rewarding beyond my expectations.

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For over 6 years, I have served the homeless population of my community through a ministry of PazNaz Church called Church in the Park. Every Sunday morning, volunteers meet at a local park and feed 60–100 people with breakfast burritos, chili, donuts, and other foods. A dedicated crew arrives early at the church kitchen to cook and prepare these meals so that they can be transported to the park.

Pre-COVID, we’d set up tables, chairs, drink stations, and include a Sunday message from a pastor. …

Maybe it’s time to give the doubters their due.

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For too long, I’ve viewed doubt as a weakness. As a decisive person, it never made sense to me why someone would wait in line to order food for twenty minutes or more and still not have a decision ready when it’s their turn. Especially when there’s a massive menu on the wall facing you while you wait. By “never made sense”, I mean it drove me berzerk. I used to feel like there was something wrong with a person who does this.

Why can’t people just make up their minds?

But those of us on the decisive side of…

But dialing the right amount to each situation requires nuance

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It cannot be said that I take too long to make personal decisions.

My college major was architecture, in part, because I didn’t get out of the a’s in the alphabetical list of options. I’ve purchased cars with less than 10 minutes of deliberation. In the market to purchase a home, I made an offer on the first one I was shown. I’ve plunged into cold mountain streams rather than backtracking to safety when the path was blocked. …

Quality is subjective but these tips won’t fail to improve your interaction

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I used to get confused about when time spent together qualifies as quality time. It seems like there could be a gap in perception between two people on whether there is quality in their interaction.

If you’ve read The Five Love Languages by Dr Gary Chapman, you know that quality time is one of the primary love languages. If you’ve never taken the test to find out your primary love language, I’d recommend it. It’s very interesting. You may even identify the cause of the issues you’ve had in relationships.

Dr Chapman makes the point that we all want to…

I now need to see the artistry and craft of the written word

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The more I write, the less I can listen to audiobooks. Something seems to be missing if I cannot see the words, punctuation, structure, and white space.

I published my first piece a little more than 2 months ago. The process of writing started a couple of weeks before. Originally, I thought of it as a project to get through a mystery illness I was experiencing at the time. I not so affectionately call it “my COVID-20.” I can’t even do illness the way everyone else does.

I wasn’t quite sure where writing would take me. I definitely didn’t expect…

Confront the shadow and become more complete

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I cannot stand letting people down. I work hard not to. If I happen to let someone down in my inner circle, it grieves me deeply. It could be family, friends, or someone I work with. Inner circles are small. They are the ones closest to you. The last person you want to let down is someone in your inner circle.

One of the dark sides of being human, though, is that it’s going to happen from time to time. We can work hard to avoid it and accept it at the same time.

Is there a way to embrace…

A cautionary tale of an extreme case and its consequences

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It is perilous to invest too much of your identity in work. I made this blunder in my late 20s; buying into the notion that a reckless devotion was required to get ahead in my life and career. I was working 70-hour weeks or more and many weeks without a day of rest.

During the rare times that I would have some downtime, I’d grab drinks with friends from work. ‘Work hard, play hard’ was our motto. I bought into that lie and it made me a volatile person.

But I’m lucky.

I snapped out of it early. I knew…


I sit down with an expert in Ancient Roman History to pitch what might have been a great startup idea 2,000 years ago

Source: Reddit

How’s that for a pitch? Build a business around selling urine.

Urine was a valuable commodity in 20 AD.
The Romans used it for teeth whitening, improving their pomegranate crops, and curing diseased animals. Urine was also a cleaning agent.
Ok, so maybe people used it, you say. That doesn’t make it valuable. It’s the ultimate renewable resource — since we all produce it every day.

Yes, but let’s follow the money. Or, at least, the taxation…

These behaviors guarantee discontent and obstruct success

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I have had the privilege to work with a lot of very successful people over the years. I have learned a lot from seeing how they work and think. Their achievements are rarely accidental.

Of course, there are exceptions.

Like the hedge fund manager whose personal accounts I handled. I was so impressed with this guy. He had two private jets and seemed like one of the most brilliant businessmen I had ever met.

He was brilliant.

At running a Ponzi scheme.

I found out by way of the cover of the Wall Street Journal on an early Monday morning…

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