How to make your GitHub organization project board public
Bruno Vieira

Hi bruno.

Good to see another solution to the dichotomy between needing to isolate applications and aggregate views… every tension like this gives us a chance to become a bit creative 😀

I like this dashboard approach.

Although it’s solving a different problem, I’ve had a great experience with ZenHub and respectively. They fulfil the same function with somewhat different restrictions each, but both give a public view of a project.

The main need we had was to get an integrated view of the workload and relationships between issues in different repos, measure throughout, plan sprints etc. If you haven’t played around with them yet, I can highly recommend them. Their slack integrations are just a huge 🍒 on an already delicious 🎂.

These were around before GitHub projects hit and were really needed to give a global overview of a project consisting of many sub projects, such as ours (CODE-RADE) is. Now, we have some more choice which is nice.

Final thought: It always amazes me how much one can get done with literally no budget, just a bit of time and access to the web. I’m sure GitHub , Travis and others would be a bit happier if we were all paying customers, but in the public research domain that’s often not as easy as it sounds. We do our bit by making tools on to of their services, and giving back to our community… it’s a little miracle which I’m very grateful for.

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