Things to cover:

FUN — description of activity + why & pictures

MINDMAP — write/draw ideas on paper then digitize

THEMES — chose 3 from mindmap to explore, include why it is worthy to explore

10 SILLY IDEAS — 10 full page drawings > scan in rapson > add to the blog (and bring hardcopies to class)


W 9/21 Post outline/timeline

Th 9/22 FUN — walk down to the river and draw pictures (document work) [CHANGED to drawing @ home in backyard]

F 9/23 Build Mind Map (document)

S 9/24 Digitize MM, pick themes, begin drawings

Su 9/25 Continue drawings

M 9/26 Scan drawings, finish blog post

Tu 9/27 DAY OFF! (Done early)

W 9/28 Blog due

Th 9/29 Write Reviews

F 9/30 Reviews due



For this part of the assignment I really wanted to do something a little out of the way of what I normally do within the range of drawings. Drawing has always been one of my passions but with school and work I haven’t really had the pleasure to do any drawing outside of my ARCH Drawing class or my sketching class. I had originally intended to take a trip down the river and draw the river or other parts of nature; which was ultimately changed to drawing nature at my home back in Shakopee as I was out there over the weekend. I stemmed away from my drawings of architecture or sketching exercises by using only markers to visual the landscape and focused on the fluidity of nature (depicted below).

Landscape of backyard


I first drew out on a 14'x17' piece of paper my ideas starting out with 3 branches: Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health and then diving deeper from there.

*Rapson scanners only allow for 11x17 so a small portion on the bottom was cut off but that is not the case for the digital version*

Drawn out MM
Digitized MM


  1. The first theme I thought would be worthy of exploration is BROKEN BONES. This to me would be worthy because of the astonishing innovations there have been within this field in the last century alone. To think that doctors treated broken bones by simply cutting them out back in the day with a bone saw to now x-rays and casts is amazing but, there hasn’t been much change since and to that leaves an open door for more innovation to come. This also has direct relevance to myself seeing as I have broken every joint in my left arm as well as my nose on multiple occasions so that gave me another reason to want to dive deeper with this topic.
  2. The second theme that I believe to be worthy of exploration are PROSTHETICS (not listed on the MM but it came to me after I had created the MM and it would have direct ties to the MM if it were added). This is a worthy exploration because just like BROKEN BONES there have been amazing innovations to this region within even the last decade alone. PROSTHETICS have allowed for people who have lost limbs in war or other traumatic experiences or even just been born without them the chance to live a normal life. Today’s PROSTHETICS allow for basic motor controls of the limbs that one normally would have without them but thinking more futuristic, there are thousands of possibilities of where the innovations of today could lead to the innovations of tomorrow and that is why I would like to research further and why this is worthy.
  3. For the final theme it is a little more broad than the other two worthy ideas but nonetheless, STRESS is something that everyone deals with on a day to day basis. We have STRESS in all parts of our lives whether that be with relationships, work, school, or any other form, it is there. The reason I see this as a worthy exploration is for 4 main reasons: 1. everyone experiences some form of stress 2. stress has huge impacts on daily processes/outcomes of situations and can lead to other situations directly 3. there are many different triggers to the causes of stress and everyone has their own unique triggers 4. there are many different levels to stress. Because of these 4 ideals to the topic, it opens up a very large realm of where products could play a helping hand in better understand stress from person to person as well as how can we help combat this issue.


For my 10 ideas I wanted to get as far fetched as possible but, yet something that could be somewhat feasible. Although some ideas did get a bit out there…