I never would have thought that people would have so much trouble with this, but here we go.

1. Go to https://bots.ondiscord.xyz
2. Click the log in button

3. After logging in with the correct Discord account, click “Submit Bot”

Work on Mirai Bot version 5 continues. Here’s an update of where it’s at.

Core Functionality: Megane

Megane continues to progress towards a stable release. IPC functionality has been greatly improved with many bug fixes and additions such as cluster commands. In it’s current state Megane can be used to run a bot with only minor issues expected.

Core Functionality: Mirai

Work on migrating Mirai to Megane began a few weeks ago. Currently version 5 can handle commands just like v4, but every command must be manually updated to work with the new system. For some commands this is as simple as renaming some things, for…

It’s been a long time since I last did some serious work on Mirai, with most of my time being focused on Bots on Discord and classes. But in the back of my mind I’ve always known that Mirai’s monolithic single-threaded design would be strained more and more over time. Mirai recently passed 100,000 guilds, and the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the load even more. For a few weeks now Discord has been resetting Mirai’s token at least once every day due to disconnects. This makes Mirai borderline unusable, since it often spends hours offline every day. With this I’ve…

2019 has been a great year for Bots on Discord. This was our first full year out of beta, and so many things have been released. I’m so proud of how far my project has come, and I hope it continues to grow and be the best Discord bot list for everyone. Now, here’s a look through everything that’s happened over the year for Bots on Discord.

March 30th — Design 2.0

The first big update of 2019 was a complete redesign of the website. The original website was basically just thrown together and looked ugly and amateurish. The redesign gave us the clean and…

It’s time for a new update to Bots on Discord, and this one is something I’ve been waiting to release for a long time. You know that terrible voting system most sites use? The one that doesn’t work well because it was designed by people only looking to make money? Well we’re throwing that in the trash and replacing it with something new. Something I’ve designed to actually help accomplish our goals to make finding bots easier, provide bot owners with feedback, and to bring people back to the site: Reviews.

Every bot page now shows reviews from real people…

We’re back again for a monthly edition of Staff Picks for Bots on Discord! We’re still going through changes in staff, so this month is limited to three bots once again. Due to the difficulty of finding bots to feature every month, three bots may become the standard in future months. It all depends on how good the bots you guys submit are 😉. Now getting in to the bots, I’ll start off with a selection from one of our newest staff.


Selected by: thomm.o

Spambots and alt accounts are becoming an increasing problem to many servers across discord. Before…

When making Discord bots it’s important to know what others want from them and how they are used. Unfortunately there’s no easy way to get this information. Because of this I created a survey asking some of the most asked questions from bot developers. Here are the results:

*Percentages are rounded to the nearest whole number

About the Respondents

235 people completed the survey, which was shared on the Bots on Discord website and across some Discord servers and bots. Of the people who completed the survey,

  • 74% were server owners or administrators.
  • 51% were bot developers

When asked about how much they…

Staff Picks is the monthly series where the Bots on Discord staff bring you some of their favorite bots from the list. This month we’ve got three bots we think you’ll like, so check them out below.


Selected by: Brussell

In an over-saturated market of multi-purpose bots this bot stands out against the rest. Carl-bot is one of the most detailed and feature-filled bots I’ve seen in my years on Discord. If you’re looking to enhance your Discord server then this is simply a bot you have to check out. When first opening the dashboard you’ll notice that each command…

Staff Picks is a new series that I’ve created to help show off some of the amazing bots on our list. Every month we’ll be bringing you some of our favorite bots from Bots on Discord. Six staff members will select a bot they think deserves more attention and write a small section about it. Each bot will receive a badge on their page and be featured on the front page at the start of the month. Without any further explanation, here are the Staff Picks for July 2019.


Selected by: Brussell

As the owner of Bots on Discord, one of the largest Discord bot lists, I’ve seen hundreds of bot pages. Some are decent, a few are great, but most are just bad. Remember, your bot page is what converts a viewer to a user, so it’s very important that you represent your bot well. This guide will teach you how to make a great bot page using real examples submitted to Bots on Discord.

This guide is intended for Bots on Discord, but the advice can carry over to other websites as well.

Summarizing Your Bot With the Description

Your bot’s description is the first meaningful…

Brandon Russell

Owner of Bots on Discord and Mirai Bot for Discord

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