When We Start Over
Stephanie Georgopulos

Very good read Stephanie. I can relate like many others before me reading your article, however while reading through it, I realized one thing:

I agree that growing up in the 90s would have been better in many ways, you still had to make an effort to get to know someone instead of just swiping right and Netflix & Chill. But (and I am guilty of this partially too): Why do we continue to use all these new services with such pleasure? We find ourselves scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, instead of getting out or reading a book. Don’t get me wrong, I am a happy Netflix user myself but I feel that the problem starts with us, our behaviors. The solution I have found for myself may work for you as well: Very much limit your use of social media and your smart phone, but still enjoy the technological progress. I wouldn’t want to live without Whatsapp or Netflix either, but it’s important we take control of it ourselves