Global Diversity Manifesto

To the best of my ability, I will endeavor to choose employers who have a demonstrable pattern or strategy of hiring all levels of the company with diversity in mind.

I understand many are not where they want to be today and so I commit, even if in my spare time, to helping my company and people get on a path to hiring a diverse workforce at all levels of hierarchy of the company.

I believe diversity is not only good for business, I also recognize that I am better when teamed with other points of view and backgrounds.

I expect to work for a company that is reflective of society and to helping my employer and others in society achieve their professional goals.

I will not tolerate explicit bias and commit to being tolerant of implicit bias that is based on ignorance and will do the best I can to educate the ignorant of the affect of their behaviors.

I expect an open door and retribution free environment to report such behaviors from my fellow employees, customers, company partners and vendors.

All the best,

[Insert your name here]

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