To Fight

What does it mean ‘to fight’?

It starts in the beginning, taking courage to just step into the ring
- of life
- of business
- of loving

But even before you step into the ring, you need get grinding #everydamnday. Hustle. You need to fight the sleep, the laziness, the apathy and the soft comforts of this world to pursue something else, something more.

You need to stay focused and be ever mindful of your WHY because you will ask yourself on dark days. You need to fight against 
- critical opinions 
- the illusion of security
- settling for safe companionship

And when your dark days roll over and the pressure keeps you pinned to the ground, breathing desperately, you need to search deep inside and learn to get back up again so you can swing just one more time.

You will need to learn to take a punch, or two, and stay standing 
- against oppression
- against aggression
- even when your heart aches

And above all, remain grateful for the fight and humble in the victory remembering that once upon a time, you weren’t a fighter and the reason you now are is because those that you love, love you just as recklessly.

To learn to fight is to learn to love.

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