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What’s far-reaching for ERP system or even business processes if applied with Immersive Experience?

Typically, average customers have thought of video games or entertainment sectors, when coming to Immersive Experience. The Immersive Experience is composed of (Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), 360-Degree Content, Digital Twin, Mixed Reality (MR), and even Extended Reality (XR)).

However, there are vast potentials of the systems that can further improve businesses’ processes and the ERP system. …

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“Why do you should move to the SaaS ERP?”

When your company decided to transfer from the IT legacy system, you have noticed there are two choices: “On-Premise” ERP system, or SaaS ERP.

Thus, you have asked yourself: What is the SaaS ERP system, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the SaaS ERP?

The SaaS (Software as a Service) ERP System is part of the cloud computing family, and SaaS is software that owned, delivered, and managed remotely by one or more providers. …

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Why do ERP implementation failures happen?

What are the valuable lessons that we should learn from these cases?

Many businesses have enticed by the ERP system and its success cases. Thus, they were prompted to switch to an ERP system, either out of necessity or favoring cutting-edge solutions. Yet, there is a dark side of ERP implementation. If not correctly applied, then the costs and damages would be enormous; even the suffered company may shut down or takeover. This article is caution tales about failures of ERP implementation, and what are valuable lessons we should take to our heart?


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How to land your clients by selling your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system in 2020 and beyond?

In the Y2K era, companies were rushed to purchase an ERP system, as they were sale pitched for efficiency and cost-saving. However, these methods may be no longer feasible for the modern age (Software as a Service — SaaS). By now, ERP systems have acknowledged across the globe. Many companies and even governments do not just adopt ERP systems but also customized for their needs.

However, when gaining new clients for your ERP system, how do you make it stand out from your…

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Knowledge is the most valuable tool as assets for Business Intelligence. At the moment, many organizations increasingly adopted business intelligence across the global. BI provides organizations with an ability to make sound critical business decisions. With Business Intelligence systems, data analysis is increasingly potent, data collections have grown immensely than before, and even forecasting has rapidly changed.

To summarize some of the benefits from BI:

  1. It makes sales, logistics, productivity, and even inventory control easier to understand when coming to data analysis that has rich visualization and intuitive reporting in layman terms.
  2. End users empowered with new knowledge when accessing…

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The genesis of Business Intelligence had birthed when humanity established the business commerces. However, the concept of BI wasn’t well understood and even acknowledged for a long time until the first breakthrough happened in 1865. During that time, the author, Richard Miller Devens, first coined the term of Business Intelligence in his work, “Cyclopaedia of Commercial and Business Anecdotes.”

When the author described the banker, Sir Henry Fumese’s successes in his work:

Throughout Holland, Flanders, France, and Germany, he maintained a complete and perfect train of business intelligence. The news of the many battles fought was thus received first by…


The digital age, as we know, has changed the recruiters’ perspectives, as it allows them to reach the potential employees farther, than ever before. Thus, traditional methods as walk-in or fill-out paperwork are dying, since the computers and smartphones have become commonplace since the 2000s.

That led to companies employed the new methods for searching potential employees: Online platforms (Indeed, Linkedin, Glassdoor, etc.). Any new recruiters or even experienced recruiters should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages when it comes to using online platforms.

There are several advantages of using online platforms:

Cost-Effective — It depends on subscribes as specific features could be paid for exposures and…


The concepts of Business Intelligence must be understood to allow clients to gain advantages, yet reducing severe disadvantages. BI was a very significant influence on not just the business world, but humankind. Despite that, it wasn’t known for a long time, until named by researcher Hans Peter Luhn in 1958. Later, Howard Dresner provided a broader scope of understanding on BI as he commented, “the concepts and methods to improve the business decision-making by using fact-based support systems” in 1989.

However, it wasn’t widespread and usages until the 1990s. The BI is designed to collect massive raw data from digitals…

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