10 Important Things to Look for in a Rattlesnake Fence Provider — The Definitive Buyer’s Guide to Snake Fencing

Rattlesnake climbing through viewfence without snake fencing, as photographed by a rattlesnake relocator in Phoenix.

The basics: what is a snake fence?

Kingsnakes are commonly found in yards and can sometimes climb over snake fencing, but are nothing at all to worry about. Any claims to keep out all harmless species of snake should be a red flag.
The typical Phoenix-area home with properly-installed rattlesnake fencing.

Who needs a rattlesnake fence?

Rattlesnake sitting on the back patio of a Phoenix home.
A rattlesnake fence installed onto viewfence, separating rattlesnake habitat from the protected area.

What works and does not work: rattlesnake proofing fact and fiction

Don’t waste your money on chemicals — rattlesnakes could not care less. This is an unposed photograph of a rattlesnake taking shelter under unopened bags of snake repellent within a yard heavily-treated with the chemical.

How to shop for snake prevention like a rattlesnake expert

This snake fence isn’t attached to anything and snakes can crawl right under it.

General best practice for buying a snake fence:

Rattlesnake fencing isn’t as simple as it seems.

Understanding rattlesnakes in the wild is a necessary part of keeping them out of your yard.

1. Does the company employ rattlesnake experts or on-staff biologists?

Rattlesnake fencing experts working to educate the public on rattlesnake safety issues.
Snake fence applied to a view fence by a reputable rattlesnake fencing specialist.

2. Do they specialize in snake fencing?

A rattlesnake trying and failing to get around a properly-installed rattlesnake fence, based on rattlesnake behavior and biology.

3. Do they have installation standards based on actual rattlesnake biology?

RV gate that has been modified to exclude rattlesnakes.

4. Do they have good solutions for gates and courtyard areas?

Decorative courtyard gate modified to exclude rattlesnakes using special mesh to look good with the existing metal.
Snake fence attached to a fence using screws instead of materials that degrade in the sun.

5. Do they use screws to secure the steel mesh?

Snake fencing peeling away from view fence after the zip-ties have degraded in the sun and snapped.
Decorative courtyard gate properly modified to exclude rattlesnakes.

6. Do they care about how it looks?

Rattlesnake fence installed to work with existing aesthetics of the property.
A kingsnake (harmless) captured by a representative from a snake fencing company becomes a learning opportunity for the neighborhood kids.

7. What kind of customer service do they offer?

Materials for snake fence projects don’t usually justify charging an up-front deposit.

8. Do they make you pay a deposit?

Rattlesnake captured at a home in Phoenix and properly relocated to suitable microhabitat by a trained and licensed professional herpetologist.

9. What are their qualifications?

Working with rattlesnakes safely is difficult and dangerous work best left to professionals, like this rattlesnake relocator carefully cutting a speckled rattlesnake from bird netting in a Phoenix backyard.

10. Are they licensed, bonded, and insured?

Working with a licensed and bonded professional can help protect you from damage to your property.

Ultimately, a rattlesnake fence must be more than peace of mind–it needs to work.

Rattlesnake in a backyard with improperly installed snake fencing. Know what to look for to avoid this situation.



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