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Until we all walk a mile in a black woman like Fred Jones’ shoes, we probably shouldn’t criticize. After all, she descended from slaves, and when her people were finally released they were subject to murder, harassment, and racism written into the law for the next hundred years, touching the lives of her very own parents. And although the laws have changed, the attitudes of many people, including many of those in power, have not. Black men are subject to unequal enforcement and incarceration rates, and a black woman like Fred Jones is subject to double jeopardy, enduring sexism, harassment and the constant threat of rape from men, black and white.

I welcome the opinions of black conservatives but I am a little disappointed that the examples Fred Jones uses are the same ones that right-wing cranks always use when they try to shut down the concerns of non white males on websites. It is as if she knows nothing of the plight of North Koreans and gays and females in Muslim countries other than what she has read in the comments section of Breitbart. She also spreads the oft-repeated but never substantiated claim that the left doesn’t care about the oppression of women, gays or others in cultures different from our own. Maybe she should read about the work of the Feminist Majority Foundation, to cite one of MANY examples of groups on the left fighting for the rights of oppressed people around the world.

I still thank Fred Jones for her contribution, especially as she really has insight, as a black woman who has lived it.

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