Excellent article Quincy.
Bryan Chapel

This post just popped up in my email and I had a chance to re-read it. Thought I’d give an update. It’s been five months since I wrote that comment. I wound up getting that job, and am now a software engineer at Fatwallet(now owned by Ebates). I’m amazed how much and how quickly I’ve learned at this job. On the side, I’m still doing freelance web development work, and am just starting production on my first actual web application, a note taking app that has some features I’ve been missing in other apps I’ve used. It’s a bit of a scratch-my-own-itch type of project, but I really think people are going to like the new concepts it introduces. Anyway, thanks again for creating FreeCodeCamp Quincy. It really helped me get a leg up on a new life path. Hmm… Maybe I should actually write my story out longform. It’s been a wild ride!