Robots Vs Dinosaurs

If you haven't heard the most predominant form of media consumed on the planet isn't video. Its interactive media — and the interactive media with the largest audiences is E-Sports. E-Sports generates videos that people watch to get better at the competitive online multiplayer experience. I usually like to write science-y articles and link to facts about statistics and studies that back up the grok I’m wonking. But today I’m just going to say put environmental communication into popular video games. Ignore the EPA. Ignore the drivel of a sideshow the news has become. For us to reach the people that will make a difference go to them.

Put the physical representation of your equipment into the space. Make sure the productions are attractive and contextualized. Early in the development of consumer virtual worlds efforts were made to do this with varying degrees of success mostly becasue of the tone and manner of the branding and not the production quality of the media. Learn from this hubris.

Make sure that your real world social media branding engagement addresses the culture of your placement — just like you would do product placement in any other media television or movies. If the audience is in a proprietary platform that doesn't allow your endorsement — rethink the nature of the genre and sponsor the new kids — sponsor a lot of them like a stable of race horses or like a Starbucks retail store effort — back them until you get market saturation. Somebody is going to make a game this year that is a viral hit — they are going to do it on a computer that is exponentially faster than the chips in the 3/4 video deck you used to screen show reels on. Oh yeah you remember when everyone's reel was on 3/4? Like a litmus test of capitalization. 3/4 inch reels were the only form of demo for decades. When advertising was Draper and Scotch.

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